I hate Birth Control

Well yeah…of course I do. What woman who is trying to become a mother doesn’t?

But I really hate it. The one good thing that had come out of all this was the fact that I would never have to take birth control again! I AM my own birth control! And here I am, taking the evil little pill every morning.

Yes, I know it is only for one cycle. But it has already messed me up so bad. So let’s begin. My list of why I hate birth control:

1. The obvious. It stops me from getting pregnant.

2. My skin now looks like a greasy teenager experiencing their first breakout.

3. It is making me nauseous. Like really. I am having the most difficult time with food lately. Everything either sounds disgusting or smells disgusting. Oh the smells. I almost gagged while heating up a pizza for lunch yesterday. I LOVE pizza. It was so sad.

4. Been feeling a little more down than usual. Blaming the birth control because it is easy to do.

5. BLEEDING. Yup. I have been on birth control for almost two weeks and for the whole amount of time I have been bleeding. Sometimes brown blood, sometimes bright red. Not enough to wear a tampon or pad, just enough to stain all my panties. I was so concerned about it that I talked to my RE. He just said BC can thin out your lining and that it was nothing to worry about. Well great. I love this.

There you have it. I am also worried that it is going to ruin the weight loss that I have been working on, but I didn’t put it on the list because I am not sure. I have been too scared to check. Doctor gave me a challenge to lose 10 lbs to see if it would get me ovulating on my own and I am 1/2 way there. If this messes with it I will not be a happy camper.

I just keep telling myself only one more week. Then the REAL fun begins. I can’t wait.



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2 responses to “I hate Birth Control

  1. Trisha, I SO feel your pain. I blogged nearly the same post a few weeks back when I was on birth control for a cycle. It sucketh mucheth. I did, however, finally work up the guts to try Instead Cups to deal with the non stop bloody mess and they were an absolute God send. Perhaps they can save your last pairs of panties? Hang in there!

  2. I have heard about those. I remember you posting about them, I am just a wuss 😉 I’m just gonna break down and go buy some liners and just suck it up for another week and a half.

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