The Mistress

For the past year my husband has had a mistress. I always know when he has been dreaming of her. Sometimes I’ll walk into his office and he will quickly close out the tabs on his internet with a guilty look on his face. When I ask what he was doing he would hang his head and say “Looking at real estate in Seattle.” Yes, my husband’s mistress is Seattle Washington.

Maybe it is the fact that they have a large number of possible job opportunities there, maybe it’s the fact that it has so much wooded areas and in another life J was a hermit living alone in nature, or maybe it is both these with the added bonus of a lower price of living. That last one does have my attention.

We live in Southern California. Land of “you can’t afford this” real estate. We have a small but nice 2 bedroom apartment that we pay far too much for but that very much suites our needs. But the fact is, if we stay in California, we won’t own a home. At least not for a very, very long time. Our kids will not have a backyard or a long driveway to learn to ride their bikes on. Our dog is inside 95% of the day even though he loves nothing more to be outside and mark everything in sight.

So J dreams of Seattle.

We had wanted to make a trip. His 29th birthday and our 4 year anniversary were coming up so we snatched to chance and went. See part of J’s problem is he had always gone during the “summer” of Seattle. He only ever saw sun there. I wanted him to see REAL Seattle. And we did. It was gloomy, dark, rainy and windy the whole time we were there. Jlooked a little taken aback. We explored the city and drove around to all the possible suburbs that we would live in if we decided to move. So much driving I have never done.

It was good that we did it. His passion has now cooled a bit, although not entirely forgotten. We decided our best course of action is to stay put for now. He is in a unique situation at work where his bosses LOVE him. If he is patient, he could go far in the company.

So for now dreams of backyards and quiet neighborhoods and big houses by the lake are pushed away. Maybe one day Seattle will be the perfect fit for us. I could actually see us being quite happy there once we got used to the gloominess. Overall, our trip was exactly what we both needed. We got away and forgot about all our “issues”. We relaxed and enjoyed each others company. 4 years of marriage and I am still crazy about the man. And at least for now his mistress has been dethroned.


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