You know you are infertile when…

-You start talking to your ovaries, encouraging them to make nice healthy eggs.

-You invest in a collection of nice and decorative socks for your doctor’s visits.

-You always shave your legs and keep “down there” trimmed just in case of an appointment with Mr. Dildo Cam.

-You de-friend anyone on Facebook who announces they are pregnant.

-No matter what letter you type into google, the recent searches are all pregnancy related.

-Your vitamin shelf looks more like a pharmacy.

-You know more acronyms then you even knew were possible.

-After doing the “baby dance” you lay perfectly still, convinced that if you lay still enough that you will become pregnant.

-You have your fertility clinic on speed dial.

-When you call the fertility clinic you do not even have to give your name to the receptionist for them to know who you are.


CD5 and on my 4th day of Clomid treatment! Grow follicles grow!



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10 responses to “You know you are infertile when…

  1. Gee, that list sounds really familiar to me. I just bought some socks when I had my last transfer :). We are starting again in January. I wish you good luck and will send baby dust your way!


  2. I haven’t de-friended anyone yet, but I do turn off their news feeds.
    Can I add? When you can teach a class on BBT, OPK, and the like. When you overanalyze every “symptom” during your TWW and when your doc tells you not to forget to have “fun sex”. Riiiight
    I like the socks one!

  3. I just spoke to my ovaries on the blog too….grow follicles grow. I am on cycle day 3…..but using femara. Fun!

  4. I talk to my ovaries, tubes, uterus and the swimmers, depending on the cycle day. CD8 for me on 5mg of femara. Have your hot flashes started yet?

    • Haha I have also talked to the swimmers. Come on guys! Just GET there!

      No hot flashes. I really don’t have many side effects while on clomid. It probably helps that I take it at night though.

      Good luck with your cycle!

  5. So funny, but unfortunately true. I’m not on speaking terms with my raisin-like ovaries.

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