Opinions needed

Okay yes, I am still sitting here OBSESSING over this mornings results. I know so many of you have been through this process much more than me and are probably a lot more familiar with some of these things. So if anyone has any opinions I would love to hear them.

My lining was at 4 mm which I understand is a bit low for day 8.

The larger follicle on my right ovary was 14mm. Now I paged Dr. Google and most people have agreed that follicles usually grow 1mm-2mm per day. But I am only on day 8! So that means if we wait to trigger till around day 14 the follicle should be around 20 mm right? That is big enough to trigger?

I’m really confused about him saying that there hasn’t been much response. I do understand about the lining but it seems my follicle growth is okay. I don’t know what to think now. Anyone have any thoughts?



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2 responses to “Opinions needed

  1. 14mm? I would believe that it is certainly a dominant follicle for cd8!!!! Whoo-hoo! Your lining is thin, but you have many days to grow that as well. I take a baby aspirin to help blood flow to the lining. Anyway, I think he just expected you to have 2-3 follicles instead of just 1. Sometimes one will regress or arrest development so they like to see a few at cd8. (can u tell I have a career in medicine?) anyway, I have a ton of hope for you. My first round of fertility treatment ever, I had a 17mm on cd 11 and it ended up being my gorgeous 3 year old daughter!! 1 is all you need. That said, I’ve failed 4 cycles post miscarriage with baby 2. It’s totally possible. Holding out tons of hope and baby dust for you!

  2. I think your right, he probably expected more follicles. But as long as I have one I will most likely insist on continuing with the cycle. Thank you for the response it really means a lot to me! I’m just gonna keep my head up, go in tomorrow and hopefully we will see decent growth. I am worried about my lining but at this point there is not much I can do but hope for the best.

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