That is that

Scan today did not go well. I was mistaken when I said the follicle was 14mm, it was actually only 12mm and it has not grown even a little since the last scan. On top of that my lining is pretty much non-existent. They could not even measure it, it was so thin. So pretty much this cycle is done. There is no point in doing a HCG shot or IUI if the follicle is not growing and I have no lining to support a pregnancy. My regular doctor was actually not in (which I was pretty unhappy about) so I have to go back on Tuesday for a final scan and to discuss our options.

I have decided that I am also most likely seek a second opinion. My grandma has a neighbor she is close to who is a fertility doctor. She is going to talk to him and see if he would be willing to look over my file and give his opinion. I wish I could be treated by him since he has great stats and I think it is good when the doctor is a little personally invested, but they live in another state. I am concerned about my doctors refusal to consider Femara (although I am going to try to get him to reconsider on Tuesday).

I’m pretty upset but I was expecting this. I just really did not want to have to do injectables if at all possible but it looks like that is where we are headed. They scare me because I have had two different doctors tell me that based on how many follicles are on my ovaries that I will make a lot of eggs on injectables. So maybe it will get me pregnant but I am extremely nervous about multiples.

If anyone knows of a good fertility clinic in the Irvine/Southern California area please let me know. I am going to be making some phone calls and see if any other doctor can give his or her advice.



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8 responses to “That is that

  1. So sorry….sucks. As I mentioned before, I was a repeat of your cycle last month. Thankfully my doctor isnt against Femara (despite it not being FDA approved for infertility) and she didn’t even make me induce a period prior to starting this new cycle. I hope you get some answers. I’m thinking about you – I know how disappointing it feels to “waste” another month. I think a fertility doc is a great next step for you, esp if your doc continues to refuse Femara. xo

    • We are seeing an infertility doctor at the moment, but I am just concerned over his refusal to consider Femara. It sounds like your Dr. is really on top of it. I would love it if we could not wait for a period to start the next round but I doubt that will be the case with me.

  2. I’ve had fewer side effects and better follicle growth results with femara than on clomid (I have PCOS) so if you can try it I think it’s definitely worth a shot! Good luck!

    • That is what I heard. I am not sure why he would tell me that if I didn’t respond on clomid then I would not respond of femara. I have also heard that it is better for your lining which I am in desperate need of. I am really hoping we can give it a shot.

  3. I have no helpful advice, but wanted to wish you luck. Sorry this cycle seems like a bust.

  4. So sorry you didn’t get the news you were hoping for. Sounds like seeking out another doctor may be a good idea. Even if your current doctor is good or right, if you don’t feel comfortable with the treatment you are getting it makes everything more difficult. Good luck in the search!

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