Where did those come from?!?

Um…this cycle is still on. Went in totally expecting no change and to cancel the cycle. Instead I got a lovely image on the screen. 3 follicles on my right ovary (15mm,12mm,13mm) and 1 on my left (12mm). Based on the growth my doctor feels confident that I will be ready to trigger Thursday or Friday and set for an IUI this weekend.

I’m in shock.

My lining is still pretty thin but it was much better than it was last time. It is at 4mm so my doctor is going to have me use estrogen suppositories until the insemination. The only problem now is finding a pharmacy that will have them for me today. Apparently the nurse called around and the closest one that had them on hand was in Beverly Hills which is an hour and a half away. She said they could mail them to me but by the time I get them I don’t know if they would do any good. I told her this concern, she said she would talk to the doctor and call me back. I am hoping we can find some way to thicken up my lining so that my lovely little follies will have a nice place to grow.

My insurance also cut me off today. Not that I was expecting them to pay for any of this, but we have been going ahead with just billing them to see. They told me today that every time I go into the office I have to pay everything up front. Plus now I have a huge balance from this cycle. Blah. I hate insurance business.

I now we know that I just make eggs really slowly. Which is good because then at least I don’t get upset when I am not where I “should be” early on in my cycle. As long as we get where we need to be in the end I am happy.



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13 responses to “Where did those come from?!?

  1. yay!!!!!!!!! Such great news that its not a wasted cycle – so awesome. Estrogen does wonderous things for your lining….and in comes in other forms than just oral (like gel…maybe another pharm closer to you has that?!) Also, one time I was put on estrogen and needed it THAT day and they “fertility pharmacy” was out of it, so I told the doctors office and they had some extra that was donated to them by women you were no longer useing the medications. Could be another option… Yay, yay, yay!

    • My sentiments exactly! Yay yay yay!

      That is what I am thinking, maybe I’ll just buy an estrogen tablet tonight. I am going to call and ask if they don’t get back to me within an hour.

  2. Great news. My lining never got thicker than 6mm and our FET was successful. My doctor had me use regular estrace tabs as suppositories. Keep thinking positive!

  3. OMG…my spelling and grammar. I really did go to graduate school; brain is obviously on overload. That’s what I get for trying to be fast and sneak it in during work. My apologies! xo

  4. Ha! You would never know I have a degree in English by some of the mistakes I make with typing quickly! =) Glad to hear the cycle is still on!

  5. Follicles surprise you sometimes! I had the same thing happen this cycle. 23 (or so) days of stims and FINALLY some action. Good luck on the IUI.

  6. Congratulations! I am so glad to hear that this cycle is still on.

  7. Trisha

    Wow – thanks for coming by – and reading our entire blog. I am deeply moved – I know too it’s gotten rather long and complicated, so sorry abou that! Wishing you success in your cycle and hoping all the best for you!


  8. Congrats! Clomid is so bad about thinning lining. Fingers crossed!

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