Comments from Co-Workers

Welcome to a little post that I call “Comments from Co-Workers”. This section will feature comments that I have gotten regarding having children from people who have no idea what we are going through.

#1 I have a co-worker who is currently a surrogate for a couple. She is 5 months pregnant with twin boys. She comes in today and I tell her “look how cute you are!” because I don’t see her that often and her bump is becoming quite prominent. She laughs and says to me “Hurry up! I don’t want to be the only one!”

#2 Sitting at lunch I was talking to a co-worker when an ex co-worker comes in to visit with her 5 month old son. After she leaves I make the off-hand comment that I want one. The person I was eating with says “Well why don’t you just have one?” When I explain that we have been trying for a while (I don’t go any further than that because I don’t feel comfortable) she says “Do you need to go to the doctor?” *Slams head on table*

#3 My boss asks me one day if my husband and I want to have children. I respond that we would love one someday (all while my insides are crying). She says “You are young and healthy, I am sure it will happen quickly when you are ready.” *Slams head on desk again*

And finally:

#4 (Okay not from a current co-worker but still) I go into my old work place to visit my friend who had a baby 3 months ago.  A lady who worked with us sees me and the first thing she says is “Where’s the baby? I thought you and Stephanie wanted to be pregnant together?” *Slams HER head against the desk*

Yes, I know these people mean no harm, they have no idea. But still, its my life and I can be bitter if I want to!



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8 responses to “Comments from Co-Workers

  1. That is so hard to deal with. You can be having a good day then a random comment lets infertility slap you down. It was so bad for us that we basically had everyone convinced we never wanted children. My inlaws were shocked went we finally did tell them about the fertility treatments.

  2. “Well why don’t you just have one?” Oh my. Some people.

  3. It is the “catch up” comments that kill me most. Like I wouldn’t hurry the hell up if I could. Ugh.

  4. At this point everyone I work with knows what I’m going through so now it’s the countless “It’ll happen soon”s and “Don’t worry, you’ll get there”s and “Any news yet”s that are driving me up the wall. I never knew oversharing would bite me in the ass this much.

  5. Ugh! Coworkers are the WORST! I give you permission to slam heads into desks 🙂

  6. i have numerous people over the years that i would LOVE to slam their heads into their desks… some people just really don’t get it… :/

  7. I’ve gotten “you just need to hurry up and get pregnant”.
    Why, why didn’t I think of that?

  8. I’ve shared with most of my co-workers what we’re going through and I STILL constantly get “Just relax and it’ll happen.” Really?!? Is that ALL I have to do??? UGH!!!

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