10 DPO

10 dpo and a BFN. Not unexpected though. Surprisingly I wasn’t even all that upset by it, I mean I know that it is still early and there could be a chance, I just don’t think it’s very high. My temps are still higher than I’ve ever seen and I finally got a good nights sleep with the help of Tylenol PM. So now I am off to get ready to head out to Arizona for Thanksgiving. At least it will take my mind off of things. Hopefully everyone else can enjoy their Turkey day too.



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5 responses to “10 DPO

  1. Sorry about your bfn. Af showed for me today so we are in a similar boat. Hopefully it’s just too early for you though.

    Enjoy your trip!

  2. M

    Have a good Thanksgiving, and I hope you get good news!

  3. B

    Ten dpo is still really early to get a BFP. It is a great sign that your temps are still up (though are you using progesterone? If so that makes BBT unreliable in the 2ww). I hope that you have a BFP in the next few days. 🙂 Happy ICLW.

    • No progesterone for me this cycle! I am actually just happy that so far my LP has gone up. We were concerned it would be an issue so I am hoping for at least 12 days which will be tomorrow.

  4. High temps is good! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

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