Tell Me About Yourself Award

Thank you to 2 different bloggers (Waiting for Little Feet and Creating a Rainbow) who presented me with the Tell Me About Yourself Award!

Let’s break down the rules:

1. Thank the person who awarded you.
2. List 7 things people may not know about you.
3. Pass it on to 15 (!) other bloggers and don’t forget to notify them.

I hope you all will forgive me for not listing 15 other blogs. Most of the people on my blog roll have already received this particular award and well to be honest I am still stuck in bed and really don’t feel up to it at the moment. But I greatly thank those who nominated me and I would love to tell you about myself.

1. I am a licensed cosmetologist and have worked in hair salon, although I currently do not work it that industry. I moved to a different state shortly after getting my license and was extremely upset to find out that not only would I have to take that state’s test, but the test was completely different from the one I took and I would most likely have to go back to beauty school to prep for the exam although I completed 400 more hours of schooling then the state requires.

2. I am a bookworm. I always have a book in my purse and hardly go a day without reading for at least 30 min. My co-workers probably think I am very anti-social because all I do is read on my break, but it is something I enjoy doing and actually look forward to.

3. I am not a very social person. I am very shy and quite in real life and I have a hard time getting to know people. I’ve been in California a year and a half and don’t feel like I have any true friends here. The thing is though, most of the time it does not bother me. My husband is my best friend and he is more than enough.

4. When I was little I went through hobby after hobby. Ballet, Jazz, Piano, Singing, Ice skating, Softball, and probably others that I am not remembering. None of them stuck long.

5. I love Cheesecake. If there was one food in the world I could eat forever it would be Cheesecake. In fact on my birthday I always refuse a cake, I’ve never really liked it, but Marie Calendar’s has this awesome cream cheese pie that is to die for. That is what I request every birthday.

6. Growing up my family was extremely close, like almost claustrophobic close. Every Sunday we would all (aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, ect.) we would meet either at someone’s house or at a restaurant, and have dinner together. Some people might find it weird that my family is so involved in each other’s lives, but really some of my fondest memories come from those dinners.

7. I have 5 adopted cousins, an adopted Aunt, and an adopted Uncle. Of the 5 cousins who are adopted only 1 of them is caucasian like their parents. I have always been so pro-adoption and told my husband when we got married (before I knew about the difficulties we’d face conceiving) that I wanted to adopt at least one child in my life.

And there you have it. 7 facts about me. Hopefully I’ll be feeling a little more up to it tomorrow and I can sort through my blogroll to pass along the award.



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3 responses to “Tell Me About Yourself Award

  1. Hey, neighbor! Where in California do you live? I’m in wine country!

  2. I am from California too! I live in Boston now, but I was born and raised in Los Angeles.

    Cheesecake: we like it so much that we had 5 different cheesecakes at our wedding instead of an actual wedding cake 🙂

  3. Why does California have to make everything so difficult? That’s really frustrating and so does not surprise me.

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