The Second Opinion

(Part 2 of our holiday meetings. Part 1 can be found here.)

I was really anxious after our adoption meeting to meet with the RE. He is also a family friend and had agreed to look over our records when he found out what we were going through. But because he is in a different state than us we were not going to be his patients, so really he had nothing to gain by meeting with us and that made me feel like he would have no issue being brutally honest with us, which is what I wanted.

He is the number one Reproductive endocrinologist in the state and has a really high pregnancy rate. I was so excited to hear his opinion on everything and I had so many questions. He was so nice and got right to the point which I appreciated. I brought along the most recent scan of George and company since when I faxed my records over initially they didn’t contain anything about the ruptured cyst. He started out by commenting how big they still were and said I must have been in a lot of pain. However he did say that he did not believe I over stimulated. Cue the blank look on my face. He said that over stimulating is usually accompanied by a few key symptoms which I hadn’t had. However the cysts were caused by the Clomid. He simply said that after the eggs released when I ovulated the follicle had kept growing until the point of rupture. This is because of the medication and just one of those things that can happen with PCOS.

That being said he did agree with me that I am in real danger of OHSS, which is my biggest hesitance to go to injectables. He agreed that I would have to go on a very low dosage and be monitored very closely. He also pretty much told us we were crazy for considering IVF this early. I admit, we’ve been entertaining the idea. Mostly because I am so afraid of injectables. I am really afraid of over stimulating and winding up in the hospital again and I am really afraid of high order multiples. Plus this doctor has a really incredible deal for IVF. $20,o00 but you get 4 IVF cycles. And that is 4 FRESH cycles, if you have left over eggs you can do a FET at no additional cost. Plus if you do not have a live baby after those 4 cycles he gives you your money back. Doesn’t even matter if you have a miscarriage, that doesn’t count. Pretty awesome deal if you ask me, so if we ever get to the IVF point we will be using him. But he just said that we’ve hardly tried anything yet and that we need to give some other things a try first.

So then I asked him about Femara. I’ve been wanting to give Femara a try for a while now but my current RE has pretty much refused to give it to me saying that it wouldn’t do much. I asked him about it and he immediately said “I’m of a different opinion”. I felt so validated! Like I am not crazy! We should be giving this a try! He also asked if anyone had ever put me on Metformin for PCOS and to regulate my cycles. Again the answer was no. He explained the ins and outs of PCOS and gave his opinion on why I should be on metformin. In fact he said that it is possible that we could get pregnant just using Metformin and possibly Femara. So he pulled out a pen and wrote me a prescription for both of them right then. I could have jumped over the desk and kissed him! Not only did he totally make me feel like my opinion and what I wanted to do was worth while, he gave me the tools to do them, all without officially being my doctor.  He said I could start Metformin right away but to wait for the Femara until we knew for sure the cysts were gone. My next scan is the end of February.

He also recommended on doing some things to improve my chances of ovulating on my own such as a lower carb diet and exercise. Something that I should have been doing a long time ago. Actually at the beginning of December J and I had gotten into a really good exercise routine. Then George made my life difficult and we’ve pretty much been out of commission for the rest of the month. So it is time to take our lives back! That is as soon as J recovers from his Bronchitis and Ear Infection. Poor guy is miserable.

Overall the meeting was really good. He listened and explained and gave us a lot of information to consider. He also gave us a few names of some other REs in our area in case we do decide to go the medical route and want to look into a new doctor. We got a lot of information in these two meetings.



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8 responses to “The Second Opinion

  1. Yay! Hopefully this gets you on the right track….whichever track it is you end up choosing!

  2. For me, I was able to get slightly more regular cycles by going on an adapted phase 2 or 3 South Beach (low glucose) diet. I’ve heard that women with PCOS tend to have difficulty processing sugar, so a low glucose diet can really help even things out, plus weight melted off of me while I was being more attentive to it. I ovulated on my own TWICE in 3 months after losing 16 pounds, after basically never ovulating on my own.

    Also, I have responded really well to Femara and my doctor likes it much better than Clomid. I only get 1-2 eggs on it each cycle and have had almost no side effects (constipation one cycle but the second cycle it was ok, I was also more careful about eating fiber the second time).

    So glad to hear that the meeting went well and you’re feeling positive!

  3. Ah this is such wonderful news, I can only think how happy you are. I wish you all the best and really really hope things work out xxxx

  4. veetamia

    Great news for you! It might sound cliché but it’s true that whenever a door closes a window opens someplace else, or if not it’s good to be creative and draw one! Good luck on your next steps 🙂

  5. That’s amazing news!

  6. Glad to hear how well this went! I completely agree with him that you have SO many more options before IVF, hope something works out for you!

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