Who doesn’t like being diseased?

I think J and I royally pissed of the universe and it is seeking its revenge. I’m not sure what we did, but we are suffering because of it. First it was George, then J got Bronchitis, then he got an ear infection to go along with it, then I caught his cold, and now I have a sinus infection. We should be living in a plastic bubble. Our house is covered in medication and snot rags.

So. Sexy.

Because of being diseased we have done pretty much nothing since getting home after Christmas. We did attend a picnic that a co-worker through (Only in Southern California can you have a picnic out side on January 7th and have people show up in shorts and ready to BBQ) but I ended up dragging J away early because I felt so lousy.

But I am engaging some positive thinking here…I’m going to take the antibiotic that I got today and then it is going to be the end of this diseased month that we have had. J is getting better, I will too, then we can get to work on things that need to be done. Instead of sitting on our butts and playing Star Wars: The Old Republic which incidentally is all I did today after getting back from the doctor. You can stamp my forehead with a Nerd sign now.



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5 responses to “Who doesn’t like being diseased?

  1. Nerd :). Hope you feel better!!

  2. “You can stamp my forehead with a Nerd sign now.” Love it! Feel better soon!

  3. Mo

    No need for a nerd sign. I’m sooo jealous! Our Xbox broke down and i miss me some video games! 🙂

  4. We went to Maui last month. “Oooooh, how romantic! And such a great way to steal away from all the baby making mess!” you might be thinking to yourself. Yeah, well as it happened, Hubby picked up a nast-y bug for the ride over. He proceeded to quickly give it to me. We stayed confined to our little condo that was 20 feet from the beautiful pacific while we hacked and sniveled and fevered our way through the entire week until it was time to go home.

    Yeah. Being sick sucks. Wishes for a now speedy recovery.

  5. Rachel @ Eggs In A Row

    Oh! Feel better soon!

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