Making Progress

I had my 2 week follow-up today and everything is looking good! Pathology came back on my ovary and all the tissue was benign (we really didn’t expect it to come back malignant but it never hurts to check). I asked my doctor if they had any clue as to why the ovary kept swelling after the rupture and she told me that honestly they weren’t sure. It’s a little frustrating that I don’t have answers as to why this happened (in order to prevent it happening again in the future) but I guess it really doesn’t matter.

My doctor is very understanding to the fact that I am now an over-protective parent when it comes to my left ovary. It literally has all my eggs in its basket (heh.) so she is more than willing to occasionally meet with me and do ultrasounds to ensure that I do not have any large cysts brewing away. My next ultrasound to check the status of everything will be in 2 weeks.

I think for now, we will not be going back to our RE. Not only have we lost a lot of confidence in him, but we feel the best path for us right now is to see a normal endocrinologist to see if we can get my cycles regulated. Really my only issue to date has been the fact that I do not ovulate. We really never tried any treatment other than infertility drugs. So we want to give Metformin and anything else similar a chance to see if we could possible do this the old-fashioned way.

It goes without saying that we are currently really skeptical to jump back into IF drugs. This whole things started with Clomid and I am scared of losing my precious left ovary. (My preccciiioouusss!) So I figure maybe will give the natural thing 6 months or so to see if we can get me ovulating even every once in a while. Commmeee on Lefty!

By the way, I made up a poem. You all want to hear it? I know you are on the edge of your seats…

Ode to the Ovary

Ovary, Ovary, where fore art thou Ovary?

You turned big and black

And never came back

And now there is only Lefty!

*Bows* J thought it was sad and depressing when I told it to him, but I thought it was kind of funny. Or maybe I’m just a little sick in the head. Oh well.



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13 responses to “Making Progress

  1. Yay for a good follow up!
    And your poem is cute 🙂

  2. Glad things are improving. You have to find some humor in such a crappy situation – I like your poem.

  3. Oh! I’d love to hear if you can get yourself to ovulate without drugs! As far as I know, we’re in the same boat – I just don’t ovulate on my own. Although I had two spontaneous ovulations after I lost a bunch of weight, began watching my sugar intake and and started working out regularly. For all I know that could be enough for me but I was sick of the uncertainty and we’re just getting me to ovulate via Femara. BTW I have heard that Femara has fewer side effects than Clomid but I understand your hesitancy right now. Good luck!!! PS – I love the poem 🙂 🙂

  4. I love that you have such a great sense of humor through everything 😉 Good luck trying metformin. Bit of advice: whatever dose you are prescribed, you need to slowly work your way up to it over a couple weeks. Taking the full dose immediately can result in *very* uncomfortable and smelly gastro-intestinal side effects…

  5. veetamia

    it is funny! really like the way you write; seems that you look for a positive or funny way to deal with things even if they are overwhelming!

  6. 🙂 Love the poem!!

    Really glad to hear you doing so much better xxx

  7. I think the poem is hysterical.

    I just started taking metformin for our upcoming IVF cycle. I hope it will work for you!! Keep us posted!

  8. I counter your poem, with one of my own. Ready?

    There once was an ovary named Lefty
    And for so long she had been testy.
    But when it came time to work
    She gave a quick smirk
    Because she knew she was the bestie.

    • WINNING!
      You seriously just made me bust out laughing at work. Now they all think I am crazy. Thanks for the laugh!

      • I’ve been checking back all day to see if you got my poem. I have to admit, I was pretty proud of this little ditty. Sorry if your coworkers think you are crazy now- but it was so worth it on my end 🙂

  9. Rachel @ Eggs In A Row

    I didn’t ovulate until I was really serious about taking my Metformin and Synthroid at the same time, daily. I hope Metformin does the same for you!

    And screw righty! Come on Lefty!

  10. Hahahah. I feel so bad laughing at your loss of an ovary, but you made me!!! I’m so glad your doctor is up for regular ultrasounds. That’s huge.

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