Carrying On

I’m pretty sick of writing whinny posts. Like really sick of it, I feel like all I do is complain so I am trying to be better about that. I’m still having a little bit of a hard time, it comes and goes, but I really am trying to focus on the positive things that are happening.

The first thing is that my period started 2 days ago, which means that I officially ovulated last month for the 2nd month in a row without medication. (Still not focusing on the fact that we haven’t been able to try those 2 months…distract me…lalalala) I can only hope that my streak continues and that this month my body will be able to pull off another win when we can actually do something about it. I thought about temping this month but I really don’t want the pressure of that, plus there is a week at the end of the month that I have to be into work by 6:30am and it would totally throw my times off. That is also the week, that if my body follows the pattern of the last two months, that I will be ovulating. So yeah, easier if I don’t put too much pressure on myself. This cycle was 35 days with an ovulation date around CD 20. The same as the month before. What?!?! A pattern?!?! I don’t know how to respond to that, I’ve been irregular for so long.

I have a theory, someone correct me if I am wrong. I don’t know much about Endometriosis…but they did find some on the ovary that was removed. Not much and it was nowhere else, they checked the other ovary and my uterus once they saw it. So what if…the little endometriosis was possibly causing me to not ovulate all this time? What if it really was this right ovary that was holding us back? I mean I know I still have PCOS. And I still have longer than normal cycles. But what if? What if now that the problem is gone we actually have a chance of doing this…dare I say it…naturally?

I would be in awe. Again, if this is completely wrong, correct me. I really don’t know much about endo. It is just a theory I’m working on.

All the glue and scabs are now off my incisions and they itch like crazy. Seriously it is all I can do not to scratch my belly all day long. Pretty soon I’ll be lying on my back begging for belly rubs from J like my dog. But I am also starting to move around a lot more. I’m back to my normal pace and even went on a 15 min. walk with J and Toady last night. I won’t lie, by the end I was really tired and got a little slow, but its a start. Hoping I can get back to my normal endurance and beyond.

I am actually down 10 lbs. between the 2 hospital visits and the surgery. That’s what being so sick that you can’t eat does to you. Best. Diet. Ever. But I really want to keep those 10lbs off. I’m now around 6 lbs off of the weight I was when I got married, and 15 or so from my highschool weight. I would LOVE to get to my high school weight. I was skinny. Of course back then I didn’t think I was because I actually have hips and boobs and a shape to my body, but looking back, I would kill to be that thin again.

So I really need my endurance back.

I have my next ultrasound on Friday and I’m kind of ridiculously excited. It will be the first one since the surgery, the one where hopefully we will get cleared to start trying again, and where I get to see where my ovary used to be. I’m kinda sick and twisted that way…but it excites me. Plus there is the whole knowing ‘everything is okay’ thing that will be pretty nice.

I feel like I’ve been a bad commenter lately and I’m sorry. If you have a blogspot / blogger site and you have not received any comments from me in the last few weeks I apologize. I’m still having trouble and I am not sure how to fix it. I’ve literally written out around 50 comments the last 2 weeks and hardly any have gone through. But just know that I am still reading and routing for all of you out there. You guys keep me so sane sometimes and I am there for you even if I’m not able to post. Love you all!



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11 responses to “Carrying On

  1. Tracy

    Whiny posts are allowed – especially when you’ve had such a crap time of it lately! Here’s hoping you get to “try” during ovulation time šŸ™‚

  2. I’m also having trouble with the blogger/blogspot blogs. Any blog that forces me to sign in with my wordpress account doesn’t work, but for the ones that have a “name / url” option I can just put my info in there manually. Very frustrating…

  3. All the best for Friday & I will be keeping my fingers crossed that you get that go ahead!!

  4. I think its fabulous that your body has been ovulating for 2 cycles in a row – that’s huge!! I will cross my fingers and hope that this is the new norm for you šŸ™‚

  5. KT

    If you use Google Chrome as your browser your commenting problem should go away- I was having problems with Internet Explorer myself.

    I recently had surgery to remove a large fibroid. During the surgery the doctor also found endo. I haven’t had any problems ovulating/having a regular cycle before the surgery, but haven’t been able to get pregnant so I’m hoping that now that the fibroid and the endo are gone that we can make some babies soon. First I have to get my period back…

    I hope your appt on Friday goes great!

    • I am using google chrome šŸ˜¦ I’ve also tried on Firefox and it still won’t work. It seems to me that the ones I have a problem with are the ones that require a word verification. The others usually seem to go through.

  6. I unfortunately can’t help you on your theory- though it sounds good to me! I have unexplained infertility so each month I have a new big-bad theory of what is wrong with me. This cycle I’ve convinced myself that I have endo because I have no symptoms. Don’t you love how much that makes sense? Amazing things we can convince ourselves with the helping hand of Google.

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