All is well in Lefty land

First of all thank all of you for your amazing support the other day. Really your comments helped a lot. I am definitely in a better place about the whole thing and even feeling some excitement for them. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t jealous like crazy and still a little bitter, but I am nowhere near as upset about it as I was. You guys are incredible. Really I feel like you all understand me better than anyone else in my life when it comes to this matter. Your support really means a lot to me.

I had my ultrasound today and it went well. I still have a cyst on good ole’ lefty but it is only 1.9 cm as compared to the 12cm one that ruptured. I also asked the size of my ovary since the right one was over 13cm when it twisted, but it is perfect at an average of 3cm, right where it is supposed to be.

We are cleared to try this month! Whooo! I asked about starting Metformin again but I think my doctor was just as freaked out about what happened to me as I was. She said normally she’d say yes but since we have no idea what caused the ovary to swell so much she would prefer I see an endocrinologist first since she is not very familiar with Metformin. I’m fine with that. I’d really like to see if I ovulate on my own again this month. She was very encouraged about the news that I have had 2 normal cycles in a row and she said chances are good that it will happen again this month. I’m ready for ovulation week now! *starts stretching* I did break out in a small rash around my incisions this week which had me really concerned, but Dr. said it is a delayed allergic reaction to the surgical glue that they used to close me up. She prescribed some higher strength hydrocortisone so hopefully soon I’ll be able to stop scratching my stomach 24/7.

I’m thinking I’ll start researching endocrinologists next week and hopefully get an appointment soon. We decided not to go to Arizona this weekend although it would have been fun. J is kinda piled up on work right now and really feels like he will have to go into work sometime this weekend. I thought about going myself, but I am really not a good driver on long trips (I get drowsy) and I’d be driving mostly at night, so I figured that wasn’t the best idea. It’s okay though. I’m actually going home at the end of March for my best friend’s wedding so I will see my family then. I can’t wait for that.

Looking forward to a nice relaxing weekend, maybe even figure out our Valentines Day plans. Happy Friday everyone!



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2 responses to “All is well in Lefty land

  1. I’m so glad you got the all clear! That’s wonderful news! I hope you are able to find an endrocrinologist very soon and that they are able to give you some answers. In the meantime, I wish you a relaxing weekend.

  2. I just found your blog – glad I did! Glad you are clear to try this cycle, and I’m sorry for all that you have gone through! You are a great writer, though. I’m signing up to follow your journey!

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