I totally lied.

About not symptom spotting that. Truth be told I don’t think I can HELP but symptom spot. I try to tell myself that obsessing won’t help, that there are logical explanations for everything going on, that it is too early to have any real symptoms.

I’m trying to be logical, but I am failing hard.

So I call out to you guys to help me out. I don’t know what to do. Part of me is really tempted to test tomorrow (10 dpo) but the other part of me is saying I shouldn’t. Technically my period is due next Tuesday and I usually start spotting a day or two before. I do want to test by Monday just because I have my appointment with my new Endo on Tuesday and I don’t want to go if by slim chance I am pregnant.

There are just some things going on that I can’t ignore. I know there are some things that I am not making up.

-I’ve been really hungry since around 6 dpo. Like really hungry. I’ve never been a big eater yet lately I always feel the need to eat more. I’m really worried that if I am not pregnant that I am going to gain a bunch of weight this week. No bueno.

-Been peeing a lot more. I don’t know if this is really a symptom or if I have just been drinking more lately. I don’t feel like I am, but maybe my water intake has just increased.

-On 5 dpo I had a crazy flash of dizziness. I was just walking along, didn’t make any sudden movements or anything, but all of a sudden I felt like I was spinning and I had to grab a wall. The dizziness has come and gone a bit since then, but never to that extent.

-7 dpo I became super bloated all of a sudden. Like I was sitting down at work and my lower abdomen felt really, really full. It was almost uncomfortable to sit down. I hadn’t eaten anything unusual that day. The bloating lasted a couple of hours and eventually subsided.

-8 dpo I had some mild cramping. Cramping that almost felt period like in my lower back (I always cramp in my back during AF, never in my abdomen.) It happened off and on throughout the day. Every once in awhile I feel a slight pinching near my uterus.

-9 dpo. This actually started late at night on 8dpo but my breasts are a little sore. This one is really throwing me off because I never get sore breasts, not even on my period. But this is not the type of soreness I had expected. Last night I only noticed it because I was molesting myself to see if they were sore. It is mostly underneath and on the sides of my boobs and the best way to describe it is a light throbbing when I touch it. Today it is a bit more intense but still not really strong, and the achiness goes down to where my ribs and boobs meet. My nips aren’t sensitive and the tops do not hurt. Totally weirding me out.

-My leg muscles are feeling a bit sore, almost like I’ve been exercising. Definitely haven’t been doing that.

-I’m freezing all the time. We’ve haven’t changed the thermostat at all at work or home but I am always so cold.

-I have had a runny nose and headache for the past 3 or 4 days, but I am blaming that on my sucky sinus’. I get infections at the drop of the hat and I feel like one is a brewing right now. I actually have antibiotics on hand but I’m hesitint to take them…you know, just in case.

There you have it. My craziness all put out there for the world. I’m am going to feel so incredibly stupid for writing this post when I turn up not pregnant. I hate feeling this crazy and obsessive but I don’t know what to do. I really want this to be it but past experience has told me that it most likely is not. Sigh. Do I or don’t I test?



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11 responses to “I totally lied.

  1. Not that I condone testing or symptom spotting… (HAHAHA) But I always tested at 10-11dpo anyway, knowing it would probably be negative, because what if it was positive? Those sound like good symptoms, so you never know. Would you be crushed if you got a negative tomorrow? If yes, then just wait until Monday, so hope can carry you through the weekend. If no because you know it’s still very early to test, then why not?

    • That is what I can’t decide. On one hand I know 10 dpo is still early so if it is negative I am not necessarily out. But still that sight can be disheartening. BAH I am so torn! 😦

  2. I say don’t test. I much prefer getting my period over a negative pregnancy test and I much prefer having a VERY positive pregnancy test over a have to squint to see positive test. But to each his own!

  3. Not crazy, just hopeful. People say to ignore and not think about it, but it’s impossible. There’s no harm in testing.

  4. I went through the same thing during my 2WW in January. I did give in and test (around day 10po) and got a negative, which I think made the arrival of my period 6 days later a little less of a blow to me. I was still hopeful during those 6 days, because it could’ve been too early to test, but it wasn’t the complete shock that it could’ve been, I guess. Either way, a negative or AF’s arrival, it’s equally hard. Especially when you are having all those symptoms, which could go either way, as we all know! But you’re not crazy at all… and no matter what happens, you have nothing to feel stupid about! That’s what we are all here for!

  5. I say wait one nore day and test on saturday morning. If you are… its one more day for hcg to build and be able to show you the positive, if youre not… then you got one more day of feeling hopeful. Waiting till monday would be really freaking hard if you ask me! But your symptoms are awesome, youre not stupid at all… those are extremely encouraging signs!!!

  6. It is too early, wait until 12pdo (if you can). I have done the symptoms every month, I don’t think it can ever give you a indication of the outcome but I just thought, it is something to keep me busy, something to give me hope, something to get me on the other side of the 2ww. This morning I checked for symptoms for incase I am ovulating ….. my cycle got cancelled but still checking …

    Good luck, I am keeping everything crossed for you!!

  7. Hmm, that’s a hard one. I guess the best why to gauge is based on your answer to this question: How will you feel if it comes out negative? For me, getting my period is always easier than staring at a BFN. I actually shake whenever I POAS and each BFN has resulted in a multi-day cry fest. If this is how you think you’ll respond, then I wouldn’t test. But, if POAS isn’t as traumatic and, after a few days, you’re able to pick yourself up if there is a BFN and move on to the next cycle, then I would wait till 12 dpo and go for it.

    Good luck!

  8. Infertility makes us just a bit crazy – really, it’s normal! I have basically no cycle. I can see my raisin-like ovaries on an ultrasound screen one week and then have they crazy idea the next week that I could be pregnant. I’m glad you are having such good symptoms and are holding out hope. Miracles really do happen and I am praying for yours!

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  10. Lolaa

    Today I am 12dpo, I took a test around 8dpo and it was a BFN. Ever since, I’ve been having pregnancy symptoms. Hungry all the time, very sore boobs, (feels like there are tiny rocks in them when I push.), veins on them, bloated, gagging a little bit but never actually puked, headaches, and extreme tiredness. But if I feel this way, why am I getting negatives? I had unprotected sex, on my first fertile day which was 16 days ago.

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