Photo Challenge: Day 2

Prompt: Feet

I don’t really like feet. Especially my feet so I really couldn’t bring myself to post a picture of them.

Growing up I got into the habit of taking of my shoes whenever I went inside. My parents are neat freaks and we never wore shoes in the house. Somewhere in our marriage J has picked up the same habit. However we are kind of lazy, so we never put our shoes away in the closet. That is too much work! So we line them in the hall right near our front door. We usually each have a couple of pairs out at a time, the ones we wear most.

Toady is one of those dogs that will sleep on anything that smells like us. I’ve found him curled up in our blankets, lying on our sweatshirts, in a hamper of dirty clothes, and even once he was sleeping on top of J’s empty backpack. He loves to be near us in that way. But his favorite place is on top of our shoes. I literally mean ON TOP of them. It never looks comfortable but it is his spot. One evening I even caught him with his nose INSIDE of J’s hiking boot. Seriously? What a weird animal. So I choose to take a picture of shoes instead of feet today in honor of Toady’s love to smell our stinky feet.

On a side note in case anyone was wondering…I did test today (10dpo) and of course it was a BFN. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t a bit heartbroken. Don’t know if I will bother to test again unless I am late. I probably should have waited in the first place but I am an impatient person.



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7 responses to “Photo Challenge: Day 2

  1. I am so sorry about the negative test. I will hold out hope for you still.
    This does not look comfy at all! Pets are so funny sometimes.

  2. My cats love everything stinky! I don’t get it. Their noses are so sensitive – wouldn’t they want to get away from the stink?

    Sorry about the BFN 😦 It IS early to test, still!!

  3. nothingifnotoptimistic

    My cat likes dirty clothes too. It’s weird. We leave a wide, shallow hamper that is left out in the hall by the bathroom for out dirty clothes… and I find him sleeping in it all the time. Like literally buried in them. I’m with Robin…. if their sense of smell is so great, why are they attracted to stinky stuff? But more importantly, sorry about the bfn. It’s always depressing. I analyze them for days, and continue to pull them out of the trashcan just to make sure they haven’t miraculously become positive. Your BFP will come!! 🙂

  4. LOL we always find our cat bundled in our sheets, because she likes the smell. So funny!

    I’m sorry about the BFN 😦

  5. We do the same thing with our shoes, and one of our cats will sleep on them.

    I’m sorry about your negative.

  6. Our cat loves to sleep on anything that smells like us too. He won’t sleep on our shoes, but I find his head in my Hubby’s shoes all the time. What a cute puppy!

    I’m sorry about the negative.

  7. BFNs suck. I’m sorry you had one today.

    I also hate my feet. I didn’t always, but then someone made fun of them when I was a lifeguard and 17. Ever since then I’ve sat with my toes curled under whenever I don’t have socks on. I don’t do it on purpose. Oh the traumas of childhood 😉

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