Photo Challenge Day 5

Prompt: Commute

Laguna Canyon on a gorgeous day. One of the few roadways that is not always jammed with cars. Sadly about 15 min after this we were stuck in the normal California traffic jam. The weather gets warm and everyone decides they need to go to Newport Beach. You can also notice the lovely crack in our windshield along the bottom left side. Yeah that thing has been there for over 3 years and due to California’s lack of safety inspection laws we have not yet found a reason to fix it. What can I say…we are rebels.



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6 responses to “Photo Challenge Day 5

  1. Who cares about a cracked windshield when you can get avocados as big as your head? Priorities m’dear.

  2. 35life

    Beautiful! Much nicer than the icky, gray, cold, snowy day I’m forced to look at over here.

  3. ahhh…
    I wonder what lies just around that bend:) pretty!

  4. Jen

    I envy your commute. Mine is full of snow and ice. 😦

  5. Very pretty. We have a huge crack in our windshield too. Not gonna fix it till it is absolutely necessary.

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