Au Naturale

I went to my first consultation with a new endocrinologist today. I shall call him Dr. Goofy. Seriously he was the oddest looking dude I’ve ever seen, but super nice and it seems like he will be very thorough.

Going in I wrote down exactly what I wanted to talk about and what my expectations were for the visit. The things I want to look into are:

-Progesterone levels. I suspect that my progesterone levels are not where they need to be during the Luteal Phase which is quite concerning. I think this because even when I was on clomid and had a clear temp shift, my blood work still came back unovulatory. Yet I’ve had 2 different RE’s tell me if I had a temp shift that I have ovulated. Not to mention during all 3 of those cycles my period started on its own.

-Vitamin D. Recently I had another blogger Jay mention that I should have my vitamin D tested. She has seen some studies that have linked a vitamin D deficiency with PCOS and infertility. Hop on over to her blog if you’d like to read more. What struck me about this though is back before we were trying I was found to have very low Vitamin D during a blood panel. My doctor put me on vitamins but I stopped taking them for one reason or another. I can’t really remember. So now I am wondering if I should start taking it again.

-B-12. Women with PCOS often have a B-12 deficiency which can only be aggravated by meformin use. B-12 can also cause fatigue, depression, as well as other things. I don’t know if it necessarily can cause fertility issues but I’d rather have all my hormones in order.

-Metformin. I was started on metformin very briefly right before my surgery. I got off of it during the recovery because we were still trying to figure out why everything went down the way it did. (Something I now don’t think we will ever know for sure) But now that I am recovered I’d like to get back on it.

-Cysts. As of my last ultrasound I had 1 largish cyst on my ovary (2cm or 20mm). I asked him if regular ovulation like I have been having lately could possibly cause this cyst to grow abnormally. I am scared to death that the same thing will happen again and I’ll lose the only hope I have left. He said the odds of a cyst growing like that without fertility drugs is slim. I might schedule another ultrasound soon just to be sure.

We went over everything I had concerns about and he said the next step was for us to do some blood work. He is running labs on everything I requested plus much, much more. I’m very pleased about that. He is even having me run the tests after ovulation during the Luteal Phase to make sure my levels are where they should be to be able to support a pregnancy. A+ for him. Now lefty just has to work this month. (Yes I am that ‘glass half empty’ person that thinks because I need to do the tests after ovulation that I WON’T ovulate this month. Ahem, knock on wood.)

The point of all this is to KEEP my cycles regular. I am thrilled that the past 3 months my body has been trying to cooperate and work with me. But again I am that person that is afraid that it will all go away. I blame that on the year with no unmedicated cycles. It messed with my mind.

So now we wait. I will not take any extra supplements this month because I want the tests to reflect what is going on in my body. Did I mention that the weekend I should be ovulating some friends are going to be staying with us. Talk about awkward. J offered to call them and tell them that weekend isn’t good for us but then I feel bad. We’ve been trying to get them to come visit for a while. Le sigh. I’m just not planning on getting pregnant this month. Just focusing on getting the blood work for Dr. Goofy and get the ball rolling for next cycle. We are trying for a natural baby. Come on reproductive organs!

(BTW- AF did show up yesterday night. So now I’m just dealing with the cramps. No fun.)



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10 responses to “Au Naturale

  1. Well boo for AF and cramps but yay for a new doc and new possibilities! As for your friends being in town, maybe you could encourage thet have their own outing for an hour or so. That way you can have your privacy to do the deed but still enjoy their company? Good luck either way. And I’m pullin’ for lefty!

  2. very interesting about the Vitamin D and B12. i have been to an OB and 3 different RE’s an no one has ever tested my vitamin levels. I guess they figure if you are taking your prenatals you are getting everything you need.

    I try not to self medicate with herbs an vitamins as a lot of TTC-ers tend to do b/c it seems really easy to overdose or mess up your cycle. So I just do what my doc recommends.

    My problem right now is my thyroid I think. PCOS and hypothyroidism go hand in hand and though mine is only subclinical, I like to be on a higher dose of Synthroid than my RE likes to give me…and I feel sooooo tired and blahhh.

  3. I’m dying to hear about the vitamin levels, being a PCOSer myself. I might request the same. Go glad it all went well!

  4. M

    Good luck! I hope you get some answers.

  5. Boo to AF. Boo. But I’m glad the meeting with Dr. Goofy went so well. I’m also curious about Vitamin D and am interested in what you learn. Hopefully all of this will give you some insight.

  6. So glad Dr Goofy is listening to you and you are getting lots of tests done. I hope you get some answers!

  7. Jay

    Another thing I should point out, which is on my blog, but I don’t know if you came across, Vitamin D directly boosts progesterone production (it also increases estrogen and maybe AMH too). After becoming vitamin D replete, my luteal phase has been longer, and interestingly, while I’d have sore boobs (symptom of high progesterone) only occasion, now I have them in every luteal phase.

    I’d like to point out another thing- it is true PCOS and hypothyroidism often go hand in hand. Very interestingly, their 3rd bedfellow is, often, a vitamin D deficiency.

    The development of any disease/syndrome is very multifactorial—- multiple small problems can work together to create the perfect storm. I think that one of the key factors causing the dominoes to topple, is a lack of vitamin D, which has been plugged in by nature to maintain health, and probably has regulatory roles in preventing both PCOS and hypothyroidism.

  8. I’m an information gatherer so hearing all this made me really happy. If things are good, then you can check them off the list. And if anything comes up as out of whack, then you get get on that sh!t. So much better than NOT knowing. All that and the fact you went into your appointment armed with a list?

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