Photo Challenge Day 6

Prompt: Purple

I have never been one for strong fragrances. When I do wear scents they are always very light and usually more in the citrus family. But I absolutely love the smell of Lavender. It is so calming to me. For Valentine’s Day J bought me this big bag of Lavender Epsom Salt and it is more than half gone. I’m also a huge bather. I take baths almost every night so it has been heavenly to sit and soak in my favorite scent.



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6 responses to “Photo Challenge Day 6

  1. Ooooh, I love lavender Epsom salts! What a sweet gift from the husband!

  2. Thanks for the support on my blog. I appreciate it. Love your photos!

  3. That sounds heavenly. I have a big new tub that we installed when we move in 3 1/2 years ago and I still haven’t been in it! I need to do that!

  4. EmHart

    Mmmmmmmmm, lovely.

  5. I made some lavender infused oil from a lavender bush I grew last summer- and gave it out as gifts for Christmas. I’ll have to remember to put you on my list next year šŸ™‚

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