Photo Challenge Day 8

Prompt: Heal










If only it were that easy to heal a hurting heart…



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10 responses to “Photo Challenge Day 8

  1. 35life

    If only.
    Can I slap one of those on my ovaries, too?

  2. I like this piece, but not your pain of course. I know it doesn’t make the baby come faster (I had infertility issues in 2009 but have since been successful), but I did use photography then and in other depressed states to distract/help since the thoughts can totally take over. If you do ever use photography, you are very welcome to join and/or submit for our new photography group/community. You are clearly very talented. Let me know if you are interested.
    All the best,
    D. and the Collective

  3. Agreed. And this is a beautiful picture. Love it.

  4. Oh…this made me a little weepy on my bus ride home.

    The simplest images often say the most. Perfect description. Unifying (but heartbreaking) sentiment.


  5. This is so creative, and so perfect for today’s challenge. Thank you for sharing.

  6. What a beautiful picture!

  7. That is what I always say my step child are to me sometimes. When my heart is aching so much for a little baby she will sometimes on those days just wrap her arms around me for no reason …

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