Photo Challenge Day 16

Prompt: Morning

True story: J will not share a blanket with me at night. For the first 6 months or so of our marriage this wasn’t an issue, at least not one that I knew of. Then his mom sent him his blanket. It was a blanket that she made for him and that he used while he was growing up. One would think that it would be tattered, but this is not the case, it is nice thick material and in very decent shape. Since he has gotten that blanket back I have lost my heat source. He claims that this is the reason that he can’t share with me…that I mess up his temperature control. He burritos himself inside his “special blanket” and barricades me from absorbing any of his warmth. It’s a little weird, I know. But now I have gotten used to it and I actually like having my own blanket…most of the time anyway. It’s still a little more difficult to cuddle when you have to untangle yourselves from two different blankets, but really, he loves that blanket. So for now I will refrain from hiding it from him.



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9 responses to “Photo Challenge Day 16

  1. EmHart

    I love the jean pocket patch in the quilt. We have constant duvet wars in our house so maybe he blanket is a blessing in disguise.

  2. I’m also a blanket person and have a collection of favorites that we keep scattered around the house. Whenever I’ve had a hard day or am not feeling well, the first thing I do is curl up under one of these.

    Love the shot! Thanks for sharing.

  3. LOL, I can relate! Hubs and I are both picky about what we want to be covered with at night and before we were married, we used separate quilts. Also, he must have a sheet and I can’t stand them. We have a queen size bed and when we registered for wedding gifts, we compromised on a quilt we both loved, got it in a king size, and no joke, we only have the sheet on his half of the bed. That way he gets his sheet and we both can snuggle with the quilt! Sharing beds is not as simple as it seems!

    • We did that with a sheet for awhile! I like sheets and he doesn’t, so it was only on my half. Then it started warming up and I never put it back on, so I am sheetless at the moment.

  4. oh my gosh. LOL. My husband would make me do this, but he’s just sort of dealt with the way I have the bed set up for so long that now he likes it. He used to only sleep with a thin quilt but I need a duvet…now that he’ sgotten used to the weight of it he can’t go back 😉

  5. NewYearMum

    Love your photos… sounds like my husband 🙂 xo

  6. The first few times we shared a bed my Hubby wouldn’t share a thing. In his sleep he would steal my pillow and roll himself up in the blanket then he would get hot and shove it at the bottom of the bed under his feet so I couldn’t get any or he would throw the blanket off the bed completely and I would have to go get it if I wanted any warmth. I am so glad that only lasted a week and he got used to me being there!

  7. Love the photo, your DH sounds more like me 🙂

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