Photo Challenge Day 19

Prompt: Numbers

The scariest numbers I have seen to date. The left number is the total cost of my surgery back in January. The right number is the amount that insurance covered. Now, I hate insurance companies…they are evil, blood sucking corporations in my opinion. And don’t get me started about them not covering infertility because it’s not “medically necessary”. Yes it is, when you live in my brain it IS necessary. But this is the one time I was grateful for them as they covered the vast majority of the costs. But the total amount for the surgery…$46,000 is unbelievable. $46,000 for a surgery that I DIDN’T WANT. Yes, it was necessary at the time but it should not have happened…but that is another post for another day. Numbers, they are scary.



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9 responses to “Photo Challenge Day 19

  1. veetamia

    can not believe that ridiculous amount….damn healthcare is expensive everywhere, but the US really tops it. Did you lie down and had a tea after?? 😉 I think you deserve some relaxing time!

  2. And people wonder why we need affordable health care. Wowser. Hopefully they’ll be covering more than that. Because that’s just insane.

    And I’m in complete agreement: insurance companies are evil.

  3. Those numbers scare me! That’s the cost of a really expensive car!!!

  4. Tami

    Do you know how much damage you and I could do over a long weekend in in Vegas with that kinda money?

    Stupid insurance. Even stupid-er surgery.

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