Photo Challenge Day 20

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It’s been a little chilly around these parts lately…well chilly for SoCal that is, which to say is not chilly at all, but I digress. J and I have become wusses since moving here. I grew up in cold weather. I went to recess when it was 20 degrees and snowing outside. But now if it is below 65 degrees you’d think that we were freezing to death. Soooo cold. So I have come to rely on my sweaters and personal heater at work. Heaven forbid I have a work area that is not properly heated.



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8 responses to “Photo Challenge Day 20

  1. ooh that sweater looks comfy!

  2. You know what’s the most wonderful thing about knitting? Sweaters! Lots of sweaters! Different shapes and colors. All of them warm.

    I too am a wuse regarding the temperature dropping below 65degrees. My excuse is that it’s a “wet cold;” the type that seeps into your bones. At least with “dry cold” you can try to block it out. I keep a couple of sweaters stashed at work for this very reason. Otherwise I’d never get anything done.

  3. We have had above average temps for the past week and 80 degrees in March, I will not complain as long as my summer doesn’t get into the 100’s!

  4. Jessah

    Hi Trisha. I just found your blog. Nice to “meet” you. Yes, sunny Cali has been quite cold this year. I’ll be following your journey and cheering you on.

  5. Tami

    Just yesterday my husband came home and was… not happy… when he saw the thermostat set to 75 degrees. “Tami, we live in So.Cal. You have a sweater and wool socks on. You grew up on the freezing East Coast. How on EARTH can you be cold??”.

    I swear, you and I live parallel lives.

  6. It’s been in the 80’s here and I still have kept the space heater on at work. It is a freezing 68 degrees in that room without it!

  7. SoCal was chilly when I was there over the weekend! We should have met up! 🙂

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