Photo Challenge Day 22

Prompt: Market

For our anniversary last year J and I went to Seattle because he has always had a bit of a crush on that city and I had never been. Ultimately it is where he says he wants to end up so I guess we will see. But we had a great time exploring and walking around the city. Of course we went to the market and it was amazing. I LOVE seafood but J hates it so I was in heaven surrounded by all the fishyness. Too bad I still didn’t get to eat any. It sure looked good though!




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11 responses to “Photo Challenge Day 22

  1. I’d love to see that market! Not sure about eating a halibut cheek though:)

  2. EmHart

    That looks amazing. I am as far from the sea as you can get in the UK and so I always eat seafood when we go to seaside places. Yum.

  3. Tami

    I too am married to a man that detests seafood. It’s just not fair.

  4. I like fish and my husband can’t even stand the smell! 😦 I can eat it when we go out but not if it’s too smelly, and none of my utensils can touch anything that he might eat. Ha!

  5. I love Pike Place Market! And the fish throwers are always fun to watch. I hope one day you two are able to move here. Seattle has been home for 10 yrs and I’ve loved every minute.

  6. If you ever do move here, give me a call! I can tell you all about moving from CA to Seattle 🙂 Though we were in San Francisco first. So far, six months in, I’m liking it!

    • I will definitely do that! Before that trip J had only been to Seattle when it wasn’t raining so of course he was obsessed, I finally got him to realize those times were rare but we still think we could handle the gloominess.

  7. Another lady who loves seafood with a hubby who doesn’t over here. I’m pretty sure I have been to that market! I took a cruise to Alaska with my family about 7 years ago I think it was…and we went.

    I love crab…..yum.

  8. I love the market in Seattle!

    Good luck catching the egg this month.

    Hi from ICLW.

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