Photo Challenge Day 25

Prompt: Sparkle


For 4 years off and on I worked at Nordstrom in the cosmetics department. I’m a total makeup junkie and have quite an extensive collection, these little glitter pots are so fun for a night out to give a little sparkle, but these days I hardly wear eye shadow. No need to be all fancy when you work with snot-nosed kids all day.



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5 responses to “Photo Challenge Day 25

  1. At first I thought they were spices – can you tell I don’t wear much makeup?

  2. I thought these where flavored salts or sugars. Quite lovely. When I wore makeup on a more regular basis, I started to appreciate good quality product.

  3. This photo makes me feel happy! I love eyeshadow, particularly shiny, sparkly ones. Makes me want to go play in my makeup like a child, lol!

  4. I only wear makeup at weddings and maybe sometimes at Holiday parties. The extent of it is a little powder foundation, one of those eye shadow kits for blue eyes, some lipstick and mascara. Most times its just lipstick and mascara. I would love to wear sparkly eye shadow and stuff some time, but I don’t know anything about makeup. Maybe I should have my cousin teach me.

  5. Tami

    I need a little sparkle in my life. Right now all I’ve got is some Chapstick. Figuratively and literally.

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