Photo Challenge Day 26

Prompt: Drink

I’m a total Coke addict. I admit it, really I should be going to meetings. It’s not just the caffeine for me it is almost a comfort thing. Whenever I am upset or not feeling well J asks if he should go get me a Coke. Of course the answer is always yes. I’ve tried giving it up before but I always am drawn back. I figure as soon as I get pregnant I’ll be able to give it up for good because at least I’ll get a baby out of it.



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10 responses to “Photo Challenge Day 26

  1. hahahaha you and me both!!! I used to get a 2liter daily. Been much better lately but I will never ever give it up!!

  2. EmHart

    I used to be a total coke addict, but I had an opp a few years ago and was off fizzy drinks for three months and after that time I have never fancied coke again. Strange huh? The very idea of it makes my teeth feel funny.

  3. My Hubby was the Coke addict. He used to drink a 2 liter a day! Now we only have soda when we go out to eat.

  4. Soda pop is a hard one to kick. How about instead of going cold turkey, just cutting back?

    • Yeah I’ve done cold turkey before. The thing is, I know I can do it, I just don’t want too. I’m a little to reliant emotionally on it. But when the time comes I know I’ll be able to do it.

  5. My thoughts are along the same lines as Cristy. No need to cut it out 100%, especially if you like it so much. But cutting down on it, before and especially when you get pregnant. I’ve read in many places that you don’t need to cut out all caffeine, but just don’t over do it.

  6. Tami

    The first time I read this post was on my phone, and the photo didn’t load. You can imagine the look of surprise on my face when you said, “I’m a total coke addict”.

    It took a minute to register that you were talking about the drink 🙂

  7. OMG its diet coke for me. I gave it up somehow for diet sprite during my fresh cycle but I still haven’t given it up yet for my FET in a week. All my cycle buddies are natural and holistic and do acupuncture and I sit here feeling terrible about my diet coke..but I still do it.

    The worst is when I’m out to eat. Food doesn’t taste right without a soda!

  8. I am a total Coke fiend! I’ve loved it since I was a little girl!

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