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My body hates me. Like, no joke. The past 5 days have been a long confusing nightmare. As I’ve mentioned I have been ovulating on my own for the past 4 cycles, but I have not been charting them at all. What I’ve been going off of is the fact that my period has been starting on its own which never happened in the previous year. Pretty good indication right? The cycles have been between 31-35 days, not exactly regular but regular enough for me and my OB. I’ve also had after ovulation symptoms like sore nipples and progesterone CM. Like I said, good indication.

So I went into this week very excited and hopeful. I started charting this cycle as well. I was expecting to ovulate between CD 18-21 so during those days we got busy. I was temping every morning, checking my cervix and cm, and on the look out for any ovulation signs. Here is where it gets messy…as of today CD 23 I have not had a thermal shift. Not even a little one. My temp is the same as it has been all month, perhaps even a little lower.

But I FEEL like I ovulated yesterday.  CD 20-22 I have had a high, soft, open cervix and lots of ewcm. Today my cervix started off high then dropped low by late afternoon. My cm has dried up and is even starting to feel a little more like post ovulation cm. Plus my nipples became sore today. I NEVER get sore nipples unless it is during the TWW. So WTF is going on with my temp?!?!?!

I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t bothering me. It is driving me crazy! So crazy that I couldn’t go back to sleep for over an hour after taking my temperature this morning. I had been so sure that it would rise! When I was on clomid my temp always went up, yet I never took any progesterone supplements. So I really have no idea what to think. I feel so frustrated because all signs point to ovulation except for that stupid thermometer.

My new Endo wanted me to do blood work 7 dpo (I’m now convinced that this tempted the fates and is the reason I’m in this situation) so my plan is to go in one week from today. I have no idea what to expect. I’m so scared that I’m not going to be ovulating on my own anymore because it totally screws us over. We are not ready to go back to a RE. We are still too scarred from the surgery. But I can’t sit around and do NOTHING. I can’t. I won’t. I also refuse to accept that I have not been ovulating the past 4 cycles, that makes NO sense to me.

Please rise temperature…please, please, please…




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16 responses to “Wherein I share way too much with the internet

  1. I So know how you feel- temping is so frustrating. My acupuncturist and others have told me that the temp doesn’t always rise right after you ovulate, sometimes it takes a while. You know your body best- sounds like you ovulated to me!

  2. You probably ovulated. I never liked taking my temp. When I actually did ovulate confirmed by OPK my temps never changed.

  3. So frustrating!! It sounds to me like you ovulates. Trust your body’s signs.

    A tip that seriously changed my life after.months of charting and frustration with whack rise and falls… my acupuncturist asked if I slept with my mouth open sometimes. I have allergies so when my nose is plugged I do. Coincidentally my temps were always lower on those morning. I got in the habit of closing my mouth for a minute and lying quietly before taking my temp and everything normalized. Maybe not your issue… but thought I’d throw it out there.

    Fingers crossed for a nice high temp tomorrow!!

  4. Keeping my fingers crossed with you Trish! Understand the frustration, hang in there

  5. Oh god, I hate it when all signs and symptoms align except for one. The thermometer is a cruel, cruel mistress. If you think you O’d yesterday, then hopefully you will see higher temps today or tomorrow. Sore boobs are a good sign, so I hope the bloodwork in a week comes back with positive results! Hang in there!!

  6. Maybe the rise will be tomorrow morning? It sounds like you ovulated. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you!!!
    (PS – the month I got pregnant there was barely any rise at all, my temperatures were almost the same as the rest of the month, and at 3dpo it went DOWN. So… temperatures are inexact anyway! All the other signs are there!)

    • Thanks Robin. I don’t have any hope that I am pregnant this month but I don’t even care I just want to know to be ovulating that is what I need more than anything.

  7. Sorry to be little miss rain cloud, but I’ve definitely had seemingly normal cycles that were completely anovulatory. I had 3-4 cycles in a row with a period at 31-35 days, indicators of ovulation like EWCM but no temp rise and definitely no ovulation. Keep temping and I hope you DID ovulate, but I just wanted to let you know that it’s very possible to have normal length cycles with no ovulation.

    • Don’t apologize I like honest! That is what I am worried about. Last time I saw my OB I even asked what the likely hood of having 4 regular cycles without ovulation was and she seemed to think that it wasn’t likely…but now I am not so sure. Thanks for your comment!

  8. Ugh, so freakin’ frustrating!! Is it perhaps a small temp rise, like barely over the cover line? I’ve had that for the past 2-3 cycles for the first three days, even though I know I O’d because I could feel the relief from my ovaries. Good luck and FX’d for you!

  9. Could you be getting a slow rise? it’s happened to me before

  10. Fingers crossed, Trisha. I hope you are nice and hot tomorrow morning.

  11. Tami

    I used to temp like my life depended on it. Then my RE told me to stop. I looked at her with a horrified look and told her “I dare you to pry the thermometer out of my cold dead hands”. I finally relented after a few more months. And honestly, it was like discovering freedom. That said, I’m crossing my un-therometer-ed fingers for you.

    • After this month, I’m ready to give it up. I haven’t used it in over 4 months and it has been so nice just ASSUMING that I was ovulating. What can I say? Ignorance is bliss. I want to be ignorant again.

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