Fertility Friend and I are not exactly friends at the moment

Hello! How I’ve missed you all!

I’m sitting in the airport right now waiting for my flight back home. I attended my friend’s wedding on Saturday and spent the weekend with my family which is why I have been MIA. It was a great mini vacation and very much-needed. I feel like I am going back home renewed and with a better attitude.

As I mentioned earlier in week I was experiencing some very confusing signs (or lack of) of ovulation. Everything was good, cervix position, cm, after ovulation signs like sore nipples, but my temperature remained stubbornly low. Until Friday! Up until Friday morning it had started creeping up, but nothing that would actually indicate a thermal shift. But that morning it shot straight up and has stayed there ever since.

I was SO relieved.

At this point in the cycle I don’t even care if I don’t get pregnant, I just wanted to know that I was still ovulating on my own. I know I’ve said stuff like this before, that I don’t care or that I don’t expect it, and then inevitably I end up a sniveling mess when my period shows. But this month is different. I was so nervous that I was no longer ovulating, so scared that we would have no other option but to return to the RE…and now that isn’t the case and I am so grateful for that.

So FF has indeed confirmed ovulation but it is showing it a day later than I believe I actually ovulated. I am 90% certain that I ovulated on CD 22. It matches up with all the other signs. By CD 23, when FF said I O’d, I was already experiencing tender nipples (which I get due to progesterone in my system) and my cervix was low and cm was dry. So it doesn’t make sense to me that I would have O’d that day. But like I said, at this point I’m just grateful for the confirmation.

I still suspect that I have low progesterone and that is why it took so long for my temp to rise. But I will go in for my blood work tomorrow morning and then my appointment with the Endrocronologist is next week. Hopefully by next cycle we will have a better idea of what we can do to help get and stay pregnant without using fertility drugs.

That is the hope at least.

Now, I have a LOT of blogs to catch up on. My poor google reader is stuffed to the brim. Off I go!



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15 responses to “Fertility Friend and I are not exactly friends at the moment

  1. Shelley Greenberg

    Hi, new reader here. Just wanted to say that it might be right about CD 23. I’d have to look back in my TCOYF book but I recall something about all those signs lining up just before ovulation (encouraging you to have sex before the egg drops so the boys are lined up and ready to go) but that on the actual day of O, CM can dry up and the CP can appear low and closed. But I could be wrong! 🙂 It’s a good feeling to O on your own though, even if it is late. This was my first cycle post-chemical and I didn’t O until CD 34! But I got bloodwork done at my RE’s and they confirmed I definitely did O. At least our parts are working! That’s the first step.

    • Hi and welcome!

      Hmm that is interesting thanks for sharing that with me. I’m all sorts of confused as to what is “normal”. I’m new to this whole ovulating thing 😉 I don’t really care what day it was, I really don’t think we have a shot anyways but just so I know what my LP is I wish I knew for sure what day it was.

  2. FF did the same thing to me – pegged ovulation a day later than I believe it was. So I manually overrode it, Ha! I make fertility friend my b*tch 😉 So glad to hear you ovulated *again* on your own!! It never ceases to be amazing, does it?

    • Ha I did that too! Then I felt guilty for pushing FF around so I removed it. I’m not good at being a bully.

      • Ess

        You gals make me laugh! Love bringing a little bit of humour into the IF world. Stupid FF has been messing with me with this month and I totally bossed it around… however, I’ve been having extreme guilt ever since I did it. So, I guess I’m the regretful bully! lol

      • Tami

        I heard FF was caught in the locker room with Dildo-cam after the field hockey game last night. Pass it on!

      • Tami you made me spit out my drink I’ll have you know!

  3. Good luck with your appointment next week, I hope that you guys get to a POA then!

    I am having my mini vacation this week end! 🙂

  4. 35life

    I tried FF a while ago and gave up. Maybe I’ll have to try it again? So glad to hear you’re ovulating!

    • I have a love / hate relationship with it. It’s crazy how silly things effect what day FF says you O when I am usually pretty sure on my own. However it is good for keeping track of cycle and LP length.

  5. FF was NOT my friend. I don’t ovulate without science so all it did was remind me of my imperfections and make me sad. We divorced about a year ago and I have not looked back. I did, however, make a few good blogger buddies thanks to it, so I guess all is not a wash!

    • I know how you feel 😦 That was so frustrating when I first started charting. I went over 65 days with no ovulation before I finally gave up, it made me feel like such a loser.

  6. FF is not my friend either. I hated charting. Probably because I didn’t ovulate. I stopped after a year of it. Never gonna do it again!

  7. Let me know what they say about the temp rise thing – I’ve had a slow rise myself the last several cycles and have been wondering if it’s a result of low progesterone or if it means nothing at all!

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