Doctor me, Doctor

It never ceases to amaze me how many doctors I have acquired in my life since we started trying. It’s almost like Pokemon…I’ve got to catch them all! I have a general practitioner, an obgyn, a RE (fired!), a therapist, my hemotologist, an endocrinologist, and now a chiropractor!

J loves going to the chiropractor to get adjustments. He gets neck and back pain from sitting all day long so he has been going for a while. I myself had never been to one until this morning. Really the only reason I decided to go is because this particular practice is free on our insurance. As in insurance pays everything, we don’t even have to do a co-pay, and the practice has massage therapists on staff. Thats right! Free massages baby! So sign me up!

J and I both went in today to have some massages done. The thing is though, after the massage you go see the doctor for an adjustment. I figure it’s a small price to pay for a free massage so why not? I told him I really have never had any pain, I know I carry my stress in my shoulders but it has never bothered me bad. He did a quick exam, told me I have a straight back where it should be curved and that my right leg was shorter than my left (J said I should apply for a handicap sticker for my car), and that he wanted to get a few x-rays to see if there was anything else he should know. I hopped right up and headed to the room with him unphased. Before we did it though he asked me if there was a chance I could be pregnant. Pause….well actually…I guess? I am 99% sure I am not pregnant. However I am 8 dpo so I figure I’d rather be safe than sorry so I told him a brief history. He said we should wait and we went back to the room.

He adjusted my back which was great. I pop my back all the time but I can only get the middle he got the whole thing. Then he cracked my neck which scared the shit out of me. I do not like the feeling of someone grabbing my head and sharply jerking it to the side. DEATH OCCURS THAT WAY! But he did it and I am still alive. Phew.

Before checking out he mentioned that he had treated people with fertility issues before and he thought that maybe he could help me. He showed me how all the organs are connected to nerves in the spine and how certain areas of the lower back can have an effect on the uterus and ovaries. If I was willing, he’d like to try to help me. I like the word help! I’ve been wanting to go a more natural path with this whole thing anyways and insurance covers everything, so why not throw a witch doctor chiropractor into the mix?

But that my friends is not the only fun doctor experience I had this week. Remember Dr. Goofy? The new endo I saw who I loved since he totally was willing to do everything my way? Well I was scheduled to do my blood work for him yesterday which was 7 dpo. This was right when I wanted to be tested because I really wanted to know if my progesterone was high enough post ovulation to sustain a pregnancy. I was ready for it. So Monday afternoon I was taking a nap on the couch since I had been up since 4 am at the airport when my phone rang. It was his office which I thought was weird since my actual appointment with him was not till next week. Well the had other news for me. Dr. Goofy…he died.


So this is where I officially secured my seat in Hell. I mumbled “Umm…wow…okay…wow…what?” Pretty much acted like a moron. I asked if his partner was taking any of his patients since I figured that would be easiest but that Dr. was not on my insurance. So I hung up the phone and proceeded to panic.

I didn’t want to go to someone else, I wanted THIS blood work done. It was perfect! I also didn’t want to wait another month for it. I’ve been so calm this cycle because I’ve felt like I’m moving forward. I need momentum!

I called every endocrinologist I could find on my insurance trying to find someone who could get me in asap. They all were booked till May, or June, or ending their practice, or part of a Infertility Practice (which I knew my insurance wouldn’t cover even if they were not a RE) and finally after an hour on the phone found someone near my work who could get me in next week. I also told his receptionist about the situation and how I wanted to get this blood work done. She said it was no problem, to go ahead and get it done as planned with Dr. Goofy’s order, and just to have the results faxed to them as well.

YAYYAYAYAYAY! Oh wait…should I be celebrating when a man is dead? Seriously I am a pretty horrible human being because I was wayyyy more concerned about the fact that I might have to wait another month to get my tests done. Maybe J and I should move back to his hometown in Arizona so I can start adjusting to the heat while I accept my fate of going to Hell in a hand basket.



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11 responses to “Doctor me, Doctor

  1. Will you be my friend in hell as I have just laughed as my reaction would have been the same. Obviously it’s sad a man had died & condolences to his friends & family but man this infertility god has a sick sense of humour & is really making you work for a baby x
    I am in a big believer in quackery it really can’t hurt & if people reckon relaxing works & quacks help that what’s their to try?!

  2. oh my gosh. i actually cried out “oh nooooo!” and then quickly breathed a sigh of relief. so i guess i’ll be joining you in hell as well. 😉 sorry you have to start the search all over again and i’m sad you and other IFers have lost a doctor that seems to be one of the good ones, but thank goodness you can still have the BW done!! good luck!

  3. Jen

    Save me a nice spot in hell. I would have the very same reaction as you. Yikes! What are the odds of something like that happening on the very day you need an important test? The universe has a perverse sense of humour.

  4. I’m really sorry that he passed away, but I couldn’t help but crack up at your reaction 🙂

  5. Also sorry for him but just could also not help myself, you crack me up!!!

    I also had some adjustments done some time ago and the chiro also said that his treatment will help me to conceive. So maybe there are some truth in it depending on what you problem is to conceive.

    Yay for that massages! Our medical aids do not pay one cent for chiro!! it just sucks

  6. Hmmm…chiropractor, eh? That just might be the only “witch doctor” I haven’t tried yet! I might have to make an appointment…

  7. This is a new one for me. During this journey, I’ve suffered pain, both physical and emotional, financial strain and even frustration. Never has it occurred to me that my doctors may die. Honestly, due to the shock, I probably would have had the same response. So no seat in Hell reserved for you.

    Glad to hear you were able to find someone else to do the blood-work. I also didn’t know chiropractors dealt with infertility. Hey, if it works, let us know!

  8. Hi Trisha, just stopping by to say I love this post, and I love your blog! (I can totally relate to the scary neck snap thing that chiropractors do.) Really fun writing here!

  9. So glad you are still able to get the blood work done, despite your doctor’s unfortunate demise. I shrieked when I read that, and my husband was concerned that I had hurt myself. Great post! I hope the blood work turns out well.

  10. So sorry he died, but I also laughed a bit at the whole situation. I don’t blame you for IF being all consuming. I hope the blood work comes back good.

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