Beta #2 Results!

HCG=114 Progesterone=40.7

This test was taken 41 hours after the first one so it didn’t quite double but pretty close! According to this calculator that is a doubling time of 50 hours and well within the normal ranges. I asked the Dr. if this number was acceptable and they said definitely.

Progesterone SKYROCKETED! From 14.9 to 40.1 phew! I was worried about that but it seems that the supplements are doing the trick. I’m still supposed to stick to the 2x per day for now.

I wish the HCG number was a little higher but I know that as long is it is going up and doubling then there should be no reason to worry. Beggars can’t be choosers right?

Final beta on Monday morning! Eep!

Thank you all for the support you guys gave me in my last post. Seriously it made me feel so amazing to know that so many are behind me. With every comment I felt like the Grinch where his heart grew a size. This community never ceases to amaze me. I love you all! Bug does too!



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18 responses to “Beta #2 Results!

  1. M


  2. Squee!!!! This is wonderful news! Big hugs to you and the Mr.!

  3. wahooo!!! Wonderful news!!! Will be checking in on monday as well!! So happy for you!!


  4. Congrats on the doubling! That the most important part. Fingers are crossed for Monday!!

  5. Yay yay yay! This is fabulous news!

  6. yeah!

    and thats a pretty nifty little calculator, now I know what to be hoping for/expecting on monday! Thanks!

  7. Congratulations! I am beyond happy for you!

  8. Congratulations! Awesome news !!!

  9. Congrats! Good luck at the last beta tomorrow!

  10. Awesome! This is soooooo exciting! 🙂


  12. 35life

    Congrats! So great!

  13. Congratulations! Hey, I tagged you in a Q&A on my newbie blog. If you feel so inclined…

  14. Wife

    I haven’t checked other blogs in a few days and I absolutely did not expect to see this after a few days away!! I could not be happier for you and your husband what absolutely fantastic news!! It’s the start of a new (scary) journey and all I can say its just enjoy every day. And take it one day at a time!!

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