5 Weeks and Beta #3

Beta #3 results are in! HCG=360 Progesterone=49.4!

Doubling time of 44 hours which is a great improvement of the previous 50 hours. But because I am crazy pants and have to have SOMETHING to obsess about, I worry that my HCG levels are too low for where I am (today is 20 dpo and the average for that is 522) but that isn’t a big deal right? Someone reassure me that it only matters that numbers are doubling, hurry before I google the crap out of it and freak myself out. K thx bye.

In other news I completely stole this nifty little form from The Cornfed Feminist that you can fill out for each week of your pregnancy.


5 Weeks

Nausea:  Not a whole lot yet. Every once in a while I catch a whiff of something and it makes me gag though. Today it was some guys cologne at work. The other girl I work with could barely smell it but I felt like I was suffocating in it. No bueno. I think more than anything I am just hungry more often.

Puking:  Nope.

Poop:  I thought you were supposed to be constipated during pregnancy? Yeah, not my issue at all. In fact things have been a bit *ahem* looser. You so wanted to know that right?

Boobs:  SO SORE! I’m already terrified for these puppies. I’m pretty well endowed for a girl my size (36 D) and my bras are starting to feel a bit tighter. This could get interesting. J is rejoicing, which makes me hate him. Plus my boobs are SO VEINY! Like Frankenstein boobs! Where did they all come from?!?!

Acne: Surprisingly none. For a week before I got my BFP I was broken out EVERYWHERE. My forehead, back, chest, and boobs were all covered in tiny white zits that made me sick. Then the day after I got the positive…POOF! All gone. Still get the occasional visiter, but that is pretty standard for my skin anyways.

Discharge: Spotting is slowing down hooray! Now I only have been getting the tiniest amount of light pink maybe once a day. Huge relief.

Cravings: I don’t know if this has anything to do with the pregnancy but I have had a grilled peanut butter and banana sandwich every day for a week. SOOOO GOOD. But I tend to become obsessed with food like this even when not pregnant.

Aversions: None really. Except we where at Carl’s Jr. on Saturday and I ordered my favorite burger and 3/4 through the sandwich it suddenly tasted bad and I couldn’t eat anymore.

Libido: Pretty much the same. I was a little scared because when we…ummm…celebrated the pregnancy I had quite a bit of bleeding afterwards, but we have addressed the issue again and all is clear!

Other: I am still having a hard time believing this is real. Overall I don’t really feel pregnant. Except for my sore, sore boobies. I keep expecting to go to the bathroom and have my period show up like “HA! Got ya!”. I am so so grateful for this little bug. Hoping that it decides to stick around for the long haul. I may or may not coach the baby at night, telling it that it can do this, to hang on tight, and to produce more HCG. I’m already the crazy pregnant lady and loving it.



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13 responses to “5 Weeks and Beta #3

  1. Just focus on the doubling!!!

    You are so lucky your acne disappeared. Mine is like I’m a teenager again. And it doesn’t respond to my usual tricks. OF COURSE. Ha!

  2. I am so freaking happy for you!!!!!!! Your numbers are perfect!! Mine were very similar and it just means we probably implanted a little later. Also… weren’t you a little unsure about your ovulation date? Either way your number are GREAT…. the doubling is the most important!! Yay yay yay!!!!!

    • I’m going off of the date that Fertility Friend gave me. I’m pretty sure it is accurate because if I did ovulate any later I can’t see how there could be a baby at all lol. As it is we did the deed 2 days before it is saying I ovulated, then I went out of town. So who knows.

      I’m wondering in I just implanted late. I had what I believe to be implantation bleeding at 11 dpo then I got my first positive at 13 dpo so maybe that is the reason for the low numbers. I hope at least.

      Thanks for your comment!

  3. I agree with your thoughts that google is evil. Don’t make yourself Crazy. Congrats!

  4. Hey Crazy Pragnant Lady 😉

    So happy for u 😀


  5. Very glad to hear your numbers are still doubling. Definitely focus on the fact that they are doubling and not what the exact number is. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to obsess over things in the next 9 months, don’t get it all in too quickly 😉

  6. I love this post! Your happiness is radiating off the screen from your words.

  7. Don’t worry about the exact number, just worry about the doubling. HcG isn’t the best indicator of a pregnancy, but it’s the only thing we can measure this early on. Ultrasound is better (hence the reason they don’t measure HcG once they can do ultrasounds).

    Breathe lady. Sending good thoughts and hoping for more good news soon!

  8. They are doubling sooner than every 48 hours!!! That is awesome!!! You are having way more symptoms than be so be reassured. The only thing I have is an occasional twinge/light cramp, hunger after eating (weird), peeing (some days), and today I have been cleaning a lot and I *think* I am feeling some round ligament pain (also weird).

    No naseau, sore boobs, tate or smell aversions here…basically all the things that tell you you’re pregnant lol. I am terrified of “celebrating the pregnancy” and haven’t let my husband near me yet. My nurses told me it was ok after a good beta, but I kind of want to wait until the ultrasound. (I don’t know if that will fly though…)

  9. Oh. Holy. Jeezus. This is freakin fantastic! Auuuuggghhh! So excited! Yeah!

  10. So so exciting!! I am so happy for you!

  11. Kat

    I feel like I’m having the same pregnancy as you. Sore boobs, definitely not constipated, no throwing up. All in all not too bad. Congrats to you!

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