Drop it like it’s hot


That is how much HCG is still in my system as of yesterday morning. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t disappointed. The bleeding and cramping stopped on Sunday so I had high hopes that I would be officially not pregnant by now. Never in my life did I imagine I’d be praying for a zero on a beta draw.

It is dropping, I just want it to be over. Last Monday (April 23rd) my level was 1212. 3 days later on Thursday (April 26th) it was 314. Levels FLEW down so I felt sure it would be gone by now. But alas, I have to wait one more week for my next blood draw. REALLY hoping its gone by then, if not I’m afraid of what they are going to recommend.

Speaking of which, I don’t know really what to expect from here. When should I realistically expect my next period? Will I ovulate this cycle? How does this whole process go?

I asked my nurse a few questions yesterday and I was less than thrilled with the responses. They said it is possible I will still ovulate on my own, but they did not mention if it would happen this cycle or not. They said to take the month off from trying. I understand why, but really I kinda scoffed at that. I am not going to temp or anything this month but I am also not going to not have sex. So if it happens, it happens. Whatever.

I also had told them that I really wanted to be put on Metformin. The nurse talked to my doctor about it and he said he would only prescribe it if I did a Fasting Glucose Test. I’m fine with that, however I am worried about my insurance and whether or not it will be covered. He said he wanted this test done because I am not overweight and he is not sure if it will help. So does that mean if my levels are normal he is not going to prescribe it? Sounds like a waste of time and blood to me.

Little does he know I still have a pretty much full bottle of Metformin from the RE I met with over Christmas. Plus it still has 4 refills available. Insert evil laughter here. I would have preferred to get the scrip through my current doctor, it saves me some trouble, but if he won’t do it I’m taking matters into my own hands, so I started Metformin again today. In addition to that I have added Vitamin D, Folic Acid, and Vitex to my daily regime. I am no longer taking prenatals because due to my blood disorder I have to take prenatals without iron and they can get costly, especially when you have no idea when you’ll be able to become pregnant again.

So tell me, if you have had a loss – how long was your first cycle afterwards?



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26 responses to “Drop it like it’s hot

  1. EmHart

    I can’t offer anything concerning a period after a loss but I am sending a big old hug.

  2. After my loss I had a regular period (30 days later) but my HCG was never that high.

  3. Ess

    Ah Trisha.. sending big hugs for everything you’ve been through lately. I experienced a missed miscarried and found out at 12 weeks. The baby stopped developing at 8w4d. I took cytotec to start start the m/c. I had considerable bleeding and passed numerous large clots. I got my first period around 6-7 weeks after the m/c. I’ve heard that some people are as early at 4 weeks but mine was definitely on the later side. We waited I believe two full cycles before trying again. Maybe you’ll be lucky and get your period sooner. Crossing my fingers for you!

  4. Oh T. I remember being totally in the dark about what to expect after my miscarriage last cycle too. I figured I’d at least get a pamphlet or somethin’. Nope. I’m sure it’s different for everyone- but this is how it went for me:
    My last HCG was 26.8. Three days later I stopped bleeding. And 14 after that, I got my first +OPK (I could tell it when to test because of ewcm). After that last HCG draw, they didn’t schedule me to come in for another one until 3 weeks later- which right around when I ovulated so I knew it would be at zero- and it was. They too told me to “take the month off” too. Yeah, whatever. We got it on like donkey kong. Of course we can’t make babies like the rest of the world, but hell if we didn’t try.

    Been thinking about you a lot lately and wishing I could give you another *live* hug or two.

    • “We got it on like donkey kong. Of course we can’t make babies like the rest of the world, but hell if we didn’t try. ”

      Seriously busted up laughing. We need to plan our camping / RE stake out excursion!

  5. Wife

    I don’t know what my HCG leeks were when I had my miscarriage, but from what I remember I had to go back for about 4 weeks for weekly blood draws before my levels were back at zero. I’m with you I’ve never wanted to have something to be over. Pretty sure I had my period again shortly after that so around 4 to 5 weeks after the initial bleeding. I’m so sorry that you are going through this. Don’t hesitate to reach out to me if you need to talk or anything. My email is on my blog.

  6. Shelley

    I’ve had two losses. My first was back in 2010 before we were even trying so the details are fuzzy but I believe my period arrived about six weeks after the D&C. This past loss in February was followed by a 48 day cycle, but this was a biochemical, no D&C. I know my levels were below 10 when the bleeding started and then, yeah, it just took forever for my body to ovulate. Didn’t happen until day 30-something, 36 I think. I know after my losses I wanted nothing more than to conceive again right away so it seemed even harder for them to be such long cycles.

  7. First off, sending you hugs and love. It’s hard to watch the HCG levels drop. Feels like an extra punch in the gut every time.

    With both losses, it was a matter of getting all the HCG out of my system before I began another cycle. With my first loss, it took 6 weeks for AF to show up following the D&C. Following my second loss, it took 4 1/2 weeks for full flow. So it all depends.

    What I would ask is for a game plan if you don’t ovulate this cycle. Find out what they are thinking. In the meantime, please be good to yourself. And know that you have been and will continue to be in my thoughts.

    • I feel like that is really what I need – a plan. I’m a planner by nature so this whole not knowing thing is really getting to me.

  8. Hey lady. First things first. I miscarried at nine weeks and opted for a D&C. One week after the D&C they tested the hCG, and it was 389. Two weeks later on CD 20 it was <20. I ovulated on CD 23 (counting the day of the D&C as CD 1), and I only had a 10 day luteal phase. Ovulation was confirmed with positive OPKs and a thermal shift.

    As for the metformin, I just want to put it out there that I am thin and I pass all glucose and insulin tests with flying colors. Fabulous numbers. Not even close to being categorized as insulin resistant. However, I ovulated on my own just 19 days after starting metformin and I have ovulated regularly for nine cycles now, with ovulation occurring on CD 19ish. Additionally, diabetes runs in my family. Therefore, I think I am insulin resistant, but the tests are not sensitive enough to catch it.

    Good luck!

    • That is exactly why I want to get on it! I feel like my levels will probably come back normal but that I can still benefit from Metformin. This isn’t the first time my Dr. has given me a hard time about prescribing something (refused to try Femara) so I feel like it is necessary to go over his head to get the care that I want.

  9. I didn’t have any betas done after my miscarriage, but had an ultrasound 3 days after I know I passed the embryo to make sure my uterus was clear (did my miscarriage naturally at home). I got a period with no ovulation 4 weeks after the officially passing of the embryo (but bled for several more days after the passing) and the period lasted for a normal amount of days (3-4) but I had spotting for almost 3 weeks after the normal period. And then I ended up ovulating WAY late 2nd cycle post miscarriage on CD32 just after all the spotting from the first period stopped and getting pregnant that cycle. Every woman’s body does it different and I expected not to get a period for 6-8 weeks and was very surprised when it showed up just 4 weeks later. Bottom line is you gotta give your body some time! I also scoffed at all the Dr.s telling me to be careful with sex after the miscarriage because I don’t normally ovulate on my own, but look what happened! First ovulation post miscarriage! Good luck!

    • Thank you. I hope I get lucky too, I’m just so worried that my body is gonna go back to not ovulating on its own. BAH I hate PCOS 😦

  10. As far as the Metformin: my RE says it is antiquated to require insulin resistance to prescribe Met. She says she prescribes it for all PCOS patients (ahem, ME) regardless of IR. It has been shown in some studies to improve egg quality even when you aren’t IR. Just wanted to throw that out there. 🙂

  11. Mo

    I know that for me it usually takes about 6 weeks to get back to a regular cycle.
    (urgh, I hate the fact that I can use the word “usually”
    But take it from an RPLer – listen to your doc and use birth control this cycle. You need to give your body time to recover.
    The (possible) good news is that you may find that your cycle will actually improve as will ovulation as a result of this loss. I had VERY irregular cycles before my first loss (PCOS), and the first pregnancy kind of evened things out for me and made me ovulate like a ticking clock, and has made it relatively easy to get pregnant.
    Unfortunately in my case the D&C from the first loss is what caused the rest of the crap, but that’s beside the point.
    Now I’m rambling. Sorry about that.

  12. Sorry you’re still waiting for the end. I know you want to start moving forward, or at least I did. My hcg was 17,000ish when I had a d&c. My next cycle started exactly 5 weeks later and it was normal.

    Hope next week’s beta is “good”. So weird to wish for that…

  13. veetamia

    Hoping that things get back to normal for you and me soon. I’m a little behind you on this, so can’t really give you any advice but it’s great to read what others have told you! Sending you lots of hugs

  14. M

    I hope your beta is 0 soon. I had a D&C after my loss, but I got my period 28 days later. I hope yours comes soon and your cycle is regular. ((hugs))

  15. vtbarb

    hi! i just came across your blog and your story sounds so much like mine so far! my first m/c was “chemical” and my hcg only went to 55, but i still had to wait 42 days for my period from the first day of red bleeding. my second m/c hcg levels got up to 900ish and then started going down (blighted ovum). i had to wait 46 days to get my period. honestly i felt the same way as you – so done with charting, etc. but i’d recommend when you’re up to you – still chart. maybe not every day, but when you feel up to it. it does help in the waiting game for your period so you know if you do actually ovulate afterwards. i was diagnosed with mild pcos (cysts, high LH, normal weight but gained weight suddenly when i stopped bcps, everything else normal). at first i didn’t take metformin b/c my IR was fine. my new RE (had the same issues you seem to be having) but now with a second m/c they recommend taking it b/c it can help with egg quality and at 1500mg it can reduce miscarriage rates that are so high in people with pcos. hope this information helps! time does make it better although i don’t think it ever heals completely. if you want to chat i’d be happy to send you an email! good luck!! Barbara

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