I’m not the world’s greatest thinker

After the miscarriage my biggest fear is that my body would revert back to how it was before the surgery – not ovulating. I’m still a little traumatized by the whole cyst/losing an ovary experience so I am not exactly keen on having to go back to the RE anytime soon.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands. I wrote about how I saw my new Endo and getting put on Metformin, that was step 1. But I also decided to take Vitex (Chaste Berry). I’ve heard a lot of good things about it, even during the Fertility Telesummit conference back in March. It is used to help regulate cycles and increase progesterone – both things that I need.

I started taking both of these before the miscarriage had officially finished, I figured why wait? But now I am concerned that I royally screwed up. It never occurred to me to look up the link between Vitex and cysts in PCOS patients. There isn’t a whole lot of information on the subject that I could find, but what I did find was not exactly comforting. It said that Vitex can act like Clomid – which caused George.

The reason that I started looking all this up is because I’ve been feeling a bit of pressure down near my left ovary regions. Also the past few times that J and I have done the deed there has definitely been some pressure that has never been present before, I won’t say pain because it doesn’t really hurt, but it is starting to concern me. What if I took this herb and caused another cyst? What is going to happen?

I called my OB today and explained what is going on, but I can’t get in to see her till next Tuesday. I think it should be fine, even if there is a cyst I doubt it has had enough time to grow to George status and cause issues, but I’m thinking till I know for sure maybe I should stop taking the Vitex. Who knows, maybe I’m just being paranoid which I’ve been known to do in the past.

Any of my fellow PCOSer’s have any experiences with Vitex? Am I being completely irrational with my fears?

The other thing that is odd is I think I may have ovulated… Bizarre no? I’m not positive but I started getting the sensitive nips which is always a sign of ovulation for me on Tuesday. So yesterday and this morning I took my temp. Wednesday was in a pre-O range, but I’m a slow riser which I’ve proved in the past and today was high. BUT I’ve also heard that Vitex can increase your progesterone so it might be that. I just don’t know. I’ll continue to check my temp until I’ve figured this whole mess out.

Why do I not think before I do?



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12 responses to “I’m not the world’s greatest thinker

  1. I hate how infertility makes us second guess everything. Hope all is well.

  2. Very frustrating indeed. My thought on ovulating: you know your body better than anyone. That said, I would ask your OB to order bloodwork to check progesterone. If you have ovulated, your progesterone levels should be high by next week.

    On Vitex, I’ve heard of it taking a cycle or two for regulating things. I’ve also heard it can cause the first cycle to be wonky. That said, I think you’re doing the right thing for going in to see your OB. I really hope there isn’t another cyst.

    Hang in there hon. Thinking of you.

  3. I wish I could tell you more about Vitex, but I’ve never taken it. All I know is that a lot of women on my PCOS message board have taken it and it’s worked well for many of them. As Cristy said, it does take a couple of months for it to start making a difference.

    I’ve also taken things out of desperation and have ended up regretting it. Soy isoflavones were not a good idea for me. They gave me the same symptoms as clomid (twinges and a full feeling around my ovaries), but they completely f’ed up my cycle. I don’t want to touch them again!

  4. veetamia

    I hope all is good for you and your ovary! I haven’t really heard about Vitex or its effects…but crossing fingers all is good!

  5. When I thought I had PCOS, I drank Vitex tea because I had read so many success stories for it among the PCOS community. However, it’s not a good idea to take it on clomid. The herbs can change the way clomid works in your body. But if you’re not medicating, I highly recommend continuing with the Vitex and doing acupuncture. I found a community acupuncture clinic that charges a sliding scale fee. I only pay $15 each treatment and my last period was amazing. Since I have endometriosis, I was amazed at my light, painLESS period a month after starting.

  6. Don’t worry about the Vitex, it takes MONTHS to do anything, it has to build up in your system. I took it for 6-7 months then had to stop to take Clomid and a pregnancy then started right up again as soon as we lost the pregnancy. I don’t know if it was the Vitex but I do know that I ovulated after the miscarriage and I was taking Vitex and that was the first time I ovulated on my own in a year and a half. It’s nothing like Clomid in the fast acting sense, ultimately it does something similar which is help regulate hormones already in your system but as I said it takes months to do anything. Don’t stress about the Vitex and if I were you I would keep taking it!

  7. I used Vitex (PCOS to bring on ovulation, since I don’t do it naturally) for six months while we were first TTC. I didn’t ovulate. It works for some, but didn’t work for me.

  8. My understanding is that it takes several months to build in your system before it really has any impact. I took it for probably 6 months before my cycles got somewhat regular. I’ve got PCOS and had two cysts burst during the time I was taking it but I’m pretty sure that would have happened anyways.

    Hope that helps, and yay for ovulating on your own!

  9. I hope the pressure you have been feeling is related to ovulation, not a cyst. I’m with the other women, herbalists have told me it takes six months or so for herbs to start taking effect. I’ve heard a lot of really great success stories concerning vitex and PCOS. I was in the camp where it didn’t do anything, including anything negative. I hope you successfully ovulated on your own!

  10. I don’t know anything about Vitex, but I’ve read a lot that the 2-3 months after a miscarriage, many women are more fertile than they normally are. So, it’s possible you may be ovulating. You know your body best.

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