First of all thank you to all those who reassured me in my last post. I am 99% sure that I was completely over-reacting, but I am still planning on seeing my OB on Tuesday just to be on the safe side. I’ve also decided I will ask her for a blood progesterone test to see if I ovulated because my body is still giving me mixed signals.

If you are new here from ICLW – welcome to my screwed up life.

We have been TTC since December 2010. I was diagnosed with PCOS and anovulation. We did 4 failed cycles of Clomid, the last one resulted in a large cyst on my right ovary that ruptured in December of 2011. Little did we know we had not heard the last of this cyst. We thought all was well but ended up back in the ER January 14th, 2012 with extreme stomach pain. My ovary was extremely enlarged and  had never healed properly and had suffered from ovarian torsion, by the time they got me into surgery there was nothing to be done and they had to remove the ovary.

I was heart-broken but it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. After the surgery I started ovulating on my own, something I hadn’t done in over a year. We were hopeful and were rewarded with a natural BFP in April. I was beyond thrilled, but started spotting at 5+4 weeks we were back in the ER where they told us we had a 50% chance of the pregnancy surviving as I was still bleeding and my HCG was no longer doubling (but it was going up). We finally got confirmation that the pregnancy was over at 6+3 weeks when my HCG dropped from 1212 to 314 in 3 days.

Now I’m just trying to put the pieces back together. I have my good days and bad, I’m hopeful yet unsure, pretty much a big mess. I can only hope that my body will cooperate and will still be ovulating on its own so that just maybe we can have another shot. The people in this community have been a bigger help to me than I can ever express, I am so grateful to them for sticking with me through this hard time.

I look forward to getting to know all of you this week. Happy ICLW!



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19 responses to “May ICLW

  1. Happy ICLW Trisha! May it be a week where you find hope and healing

  2. Sending you big love and hugs. xx

  3. So sorry to hear this, We have had 4 miscarriages and I have had my right tube removed. We are due to start clomid later this year and to be honest I am so terrified of cysts on my left tube I keep putting it off. There is nothing to say in this nightmare and I hope your journey has a happy ending soon.

    • Would your doctor consider Femara instead? If I had to go back to the RE I would insist on Femara. It works very similar to Clomid but does not cause cysts in PCOS patients.

  4. veetamia

    Happy ICWL 🙂 I hope for an amazing outcome for you through all of this! And thanks to you for being there for us as well, sending lots of hugs!

  5. I agree with Veetamia, thank you for being here for us as well. Sending you the biggest hug ever xxx

  6. Happy ICLW. Here’s hoping for a fresh start for you, too.

  7. May this ICLW bring you all sorts of hugs and healing. 🙂 Thinking of you.

  8. Hey from ICLW 🙂 Am so sorry for your recent loss, I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to pick yourself up again. Stay hopeful!

  9. Happy ICLW! What a journey you have been on already…wow! It takes such a strong person to go through everything you guys have. I wish you all the best with your upcoming plans.

  10. Happy ICLW! Thanks for sharing your whole story here. I’m sorry for your loss and hope you get another chance soon.

  11. Happy ICLW! Keeping you in my thoughts.

  12. ICLW #23

    No matter what, keep your hopes up, you got pregnant once, and it will happen again, I’m sure. I’m sorry for your loss, please take care of yourself and pamper yourself.

  13. B

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.
    That is scary about the cyst & torsion. I’m sorry that it cost you your ovary. 😦 I’m also sorry for your loss of your pregnancy.
    I hope that you will have good news soon, fx!

  14. lorimennis

    Bless your heart. It seems that you and I pretty much miscarried at the same time. I saw the baby for the last time at 12w2 and he was dated at 11w2d. I had my D&C on April 10, finally got my HCG <5 (isn't that AWFUL? Waiting and watching it go DOWN????) on like May 6 or something. I'm very, very sorry. I'm right there with you in the hormones and the good and bad days. Much love.

  15. tchrgrl05

    Hi (again) 🙂 I just read this post…just found your blog from ICLW. After reading this, you’ve made me confident in asking my dr for a blood test to see if I’ve ovulated, as soon as I get past this week right now. Happy Thursday!

  16. Hi from ICLW! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you!!

  17. Liz

    ICLW greetings! You’ve been through so much and hope your miracle comes soon.

  18. Encouragement. Hope. Dreams. Don’t let go. They will come true. So glad I popped by for ICLW. Lori

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