Paranoia strikes again!

Today I went to the OB today to follow-up with the crazy and make sure that another cyst had not taken up residence on my only remaining ovary. Big sigh of relief inserted here. Everything looks great, no dominant cysts on good ole’ lefty and my doctor even said that based on the scan she does indeed believe that I have ovulated! My lining was nice and thick and had what she called a “triple strip” which is usually present after ovulation because of increased progesterone in the system.

She said the cause of discomfort is likely due to the fact that I ovulated. There was some free fluid in the area that she said was most likely from the follicle where the egg came out. She said that this happens sometimes and its nothing to be too concerned about unless the pain is really intense, which mine is not. In fact it has gone down the past few days. I mostly just feel a little bloated and oddly enough the free fluid decided to settle right in the space that my right ovary used to occupy. She said it was a bit odd because the fluid usually stays on the side you ovulated from but hey if there is an empty spot why not take it?

I did ask her to run a blood progesterone test just to be sure that I have ovulated but I feel like I have now. I’ll get the blood results back tomorrow. She also mentioned that in the future when I get pregnant again (when!) she would be happy to do the betas for me in her office since she knows I am not exactly keen on my current RE. I don’t know if she will do early ultrasounds though so I will have to find that out. WHEN!

So basically I learned that I am crazy. Its cool, I’d rather be the crazy paranoid patient that drives my doctor crazy rather than the one the didn’t express her concerns and ends up losing her other ovary and any hope of a baby. I accept the crazy.

*EDIT: I forgot to mention that I have decided to keep taking the Vitex. My doctor said there should be no harm in taking it and I feel like it made me ovulate sooner than I normally would have. So yay!



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18 responses to “Paranoia strikes again!

  1. I will take crazy over passive any day! Very good news too! Fingers are crossed!!!

  2. Embracing your inner crazy. I like it. The message resonates strongly with me. Way to go in the triple strip! Those strips are what make for a phenomenal lining.

    So glad for your good news.

    • I was all excited about it lol. I think she was too because she asked if we had intercourse around the time I ovulated. Sadly I’m pretty sure we missed it though. Still good to know my body can do it when it wants to!

  3. b

    Crazy is the equivalent of the squeaky wheel that gets the oil. I don’t think anything really gets done or checked unless you’re a little crazy. I love that the ob said, “when” …to me, that optimism alone is worth its weight in copays! Fingers crossed for you.

  4. Yayayay! Good thing you went in. you got great news! What a relief, I bet.

  5. veetamia

    “WHEN” the best word of the day πŸ˜‰

  6. You ovulated!!!!! That is wonderful! It is definitely better to be the squeaky wheel when it comes to your health, especially considering what you went through.

  7. I’m so glad everything is good with your ovary. Crazy is the new normal.

  8. Be as crazy as you need to be to feel like you are being heard! When my time comes in front of an RE again, that poor man/woman is going to think I’ve lost my mind along with my ovarian reserve.
    Soooo glad to hear some good news from you. You are already one step closer. Enjoy that feeling.

  9. I’m all about being the crazy, paranoid patient. We have to advocate for ourselves. Though it may come across as crazy…we are just seeking out the best for ourselves and taking care of this mess of a journey we are in. So glad to hear your ovary is happy and doing it’s thing. : )

  10. I love when ovaries decide to do their job! Yeah!

  11. DandelionBreeze

    Thank you for stopping by my blog.. happy ICLW πŸ™‚ I’m so sorry to hear about your loss and the difficult road that you’ve been on… thinking of you and here to share it with you xoxo

  12. jen

    I’m glad your doctor is so supportive, and hopefully she will be able to work with you WHEN you get pregnant again. Yay for your ovary working right!!

  13. Yup, I’m with everyone else and yourself about being crazy rather than passive! I’ve learned that doctors don’t always do what’s best for you (not because they’re necessarily bad, just because they are so busy) unless you ask lots of questions. Keep it up!

    ICLW #10

  14. So glad everything looks good and YAY for ovulating!

  15. Infertiles get a FREE crazy pass, don’t you know? πŸ™‚ So happy everything looks good. Congrats!

  16. tchrgrl05

    Hi from ICLW #32. Glad you got some reassurance. I too have only one working “egg producer.” glad to have found you!

  17. First, thanks so much for visiting my blog! I am glad to hear that things went so well at your OB appointment and that you ovulated. That is such great news! I was sorry to read about your recent loss…hopefully that *when* will come around sooner rather than later!

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