27 Candles

I’ve always loved my birthday. I usually not one to have attention drawn to me, I’m more of a sit on the sidelines kinda girl, but I love my birthday. Today I turn 27 and it hasn’t quite been the same sort of excitement for me.

It probably has to do with a couple of things. First, I’m at work. I usually always ask for my birthday off, but I am taking most of the week next week off because my family is in town and I’d rather be off work when they are here. Second, we started trying to conceive when I was 25. I never imagined that I’d reach 27 without a baby or pregnancy.

Last year wasn’t a big deal because I had just started Clomid and I was sure that it was going to be my miracle drug. Ha. Funny right? I couldn’t have even comprehended that a year would come and go and I’d still be at square one. You live and learn right?

This sounds more depressing then I meant it to. I’m extremely blessed to have had my wonderful family texting me all morning and to have my sweet husband wait till midnight last night to tell my “Happy Birthday”. I am so lucky. I just wish the circumstance we are currently in included another family member for me to celebrate this day with.

Should be a pretty chill day, maybe just go pick up dinner and eat it on the beach with my favorite husband. Sunday my family starts arriving so I am thrilled about that. I’m just going to enjoy this weekend and hope that by the time I have 28 candles on my cake pie (I always ask for pie or cheesecake, I am not a cake fan) that the wish I make this year will have come true.



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30 responses to “27 Candles

  1. Happy birthday, girl! You are my new best friend because pie is so far superior to cake in every way. FX that your next birthday pie will have to be split three ways! 🙂

  2. Happy 27th birthday Trisha! Though life may not have turned out quite as expected (or planned), may the next year be one filled with good news and lots of joy.

  3. Theresa

    Happy birthday!!!! But I totally hear you. I’m two months from 30 and never thought I’d still be childless.

  4. I hope you have a nice, relaxing birthday evening full of cheesecake or pie. I love that, because I like both of those things more than cake. Also, I hope your birthday wishes come true!!

  5. jak

    happy birthday!! you’re young and have plenty of time to figure out how you’ll grow your family. focus on having a good time and on who IS with you, not on who has just not arrived yet;)

  6. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great weekend!

  7. veetamia

    ¡Feliz cumpleaños! I hope you have a wonderful day (or are having), and really hope that you get to spend your 28th bday with your baby 🙂 hugs!

  8. Happy birthday! Enjoy your day–and your pie!–and I hope next year you have more than one reason to celebrate!

  9. Shelley

    Happy birthday! I’m turning 27 on Monday! I know just how you feel with another birthday passing without a baby. We started trying at 25 too and birthdays have definitely become a time of reflection on what is and isn’t going according to what we had planned or hoped for. Despite all that, I hope you have a lovely day and enjoy that time with your family!

    • Sounds like our timing in everything is very similar! I hope this is the year for both of us. Thank you for the birthday wishes, I hope you have a great day as well on Monday!

  10. Mo

    Happy happy birthday hon! Sending huge hugs!

  11. Tami

    Happy Birthday love! I have a gift for you but its kind hard to transport and I need to steer clear of the police. When the coast is clear, Ill drive it down to you. Its all wrapped up with a pretty wand, er- I mean bow on top!!!

  12. Our birthdays are close together! 🙂 Mine was Wednesday. Happy birthday hun. Hopefully all your wishes will come true this year.

  13. I’m turning 28 soon, and hoping for a baby by 29. But we know how that goes! I’ll definitely “settle” for a foster baby by then, that would make me almost as happy 🙂

  14. DandelionBreeze

    Happy birthday 🙂 Hope this year turns out differently for you… sending you lots of birthday thoughts and wishes from Oz xoxo

  15. I know I’m late on this one, but happy birthday! I hope you enjoyed your pie and, even more, I hope you’ll be eating for TWO by this time next year!!

  16. Hope your special day was wonderful!

  17. M

    Happy belated birthday, and hugs to you. Reminders of the passage of time while dealing with IF are so hard.

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