I knew I loved Garlic for a reason!

I love garlic. When growing up my mom made well…kinda bland food. Any seasoning she added was mild and she hardly ever used garlic, but when she did it was always garlic powder. J and I love strong flavorful food. So of course we use real fresh chopped garlic and a lot of it! When we visit my parents they never let us cook on Thursday nights because they know we will use a lot of garlic and my mom has choir rehersal those nights and she doesn’t want to stink.

Well you know how I’ve had those earaches that have plagued me since right before I got pregnant? The ones I’ve been on 4 different types of antibiotics for? GARLIC my friends.

I went to an ENT about 2 and a half weeks ago because my throat was hurting so bad I couldn’t sleep because of the post nasal drip running down my throat. He looked in my ears and said they were clear but it did concern him the frequency of when they were happening. He said my nasal passages where inflamed and that is what was causing the post nasal drip. He told me to do something that shocked me…lose the neti pot. GASP! Everyone always raves about neti pots and how amazing they are. I’ve been using mine for many years. But he said that the force of the saline was too strong and could sometimes cause more damage to the inflammation. Instead he had me buy a saline rinse in a squeeze bottle and told me to do it 2-3 times a day along with my nose spray that I’d been neglecting. He said if my ears kept acting up we’d have to do a CAT scan to see what was going on. (Yes I realize I am a physical mess. It sucks.) Worked like a charm. No more sore throat!

I’d been doing pretty good as far as the ear pain staying away for a few weeks until last Tuesday it started up again. My sister-in-law gets stuff like that pretty frequently and recommended that I switch allergy medications. Yes I take an allergy medicine everyday, otherwise my sinus’ rebel. I’d been using A generic for of Claratin and switched to the generic of Zyrtec. Within a few days the pain all went away. Then on Monday it came back. BAD. I knew this time that it was serious because I could not even shut my jaw on the left side, something I’ve experience when I’ve needed a strong anti-biotic. The problem is, at the moment I am not willing to take an anti-biotic. I know they say that it is safe for pregnancy but the fact of the matter is I got on one during the TWW the cycle I got pregnant. I was on 2 different ones during that time. And I miscarried. I am NOT willing to take that chance again.

I did some research and a lot of sites said to try Garlic Oil. I figured…what the hell? So we went and bought some. Smells foul but works like a charm. I put 3 drops in my ear with the dropper and then cover my ear with a cotton ball. I did the a few times during the day then right before bed where I laid on the opposite side so it really got in there good. 2 days later I have absolutely no ear pain and my jaw is back in commission. All without an anti-biotic. I ❤ Garlic.

10 DPO today and not feeling uber confident. I wish I was. I keep molesting my breasts to see if they are sore but they are not. I keep checking my chest, back, and face for a major breakout but only the norm for now. My temp is still high and so far no spotting that proceeds my period but I’m not due till Sunday.

In the meantime send some love to Tami. She got her BFP on Saturday but is very nervous about the low beta. I love this girl and am hoping for a good outcome for her with all my heart. If you have a minute stop by and show some support.



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11 responses to “I knew I loved Garlic for a reason!

  1. M

    I’m glad your ear is better. I hope this 2ww ends with a BFP!

  2. Go garlic! Not surprising, since it has antiseptic properties, but the fact it beat out the antibiotics is very impressive. Glad you’re feeling better.

    And I’m holding onto hope for this cycle. It’s not over. . .

  3. 1. I have an ah-mazing recipe that my mom found after tons of research. It works just as well as antibiotics and it’s loaded with… wait for it… GARLIC! Totally baby-friendly too. Check your in box 🙂

    2. I’m sorry about the chronic earaches luv bug. I hope they go away and never come back.

    3. I think I love you as much as you love garlic. Thanks for the positive vibes and all the unconditional love. You are my rock. xo

  4. Shelley

    OMG so ironic! I just got back from the Dr. for an earache I’ve been having for a few days. They prescribed some antibiotic drops. I start my Lupron tomorrow for my IVF cycle but in the meantime I’m pretty sure I ovulated this cycle and we had good timing (not that that’s done anything in the past but who knows). So now I’m nervous about taking the antibiotic! Do you think I should avoid it? My RE’s office said it was fine to take with the Lupron and I seriously doubt I’d end up pregnant NOW after everything we’ve been through but what if?

    • Ultimately it is up to you. I tend lean more to the overly cautious side, I also tend to lean to the hold a grudge side so the overly cautious side is a good thing. I am still very bitter about the miscarriage and I feel there was a connection. I was also taking 2 different types over 25 days though so there ya go.

      They do say it is safe and I’m no doctor, that is just what I feel. However I do highly recommend the garlic oil. Seriously I was shocked how well it worked. Good luck to you and let me know what you decide!

      • Shelley

        Trisha, where did you find the garlic oil? I have been on Neomycin for five days with no improvement (must have taken at least 10 doses already!). Then this morning I woke up and my ear was all red, hot, swollen and bumpy! I took some ibuprofen for the swelling and am icing it right now. Already looks better but I’m officially DONE w/the antibiotics. Tried to find garlic oil @ Whole Foods yesterday (looked in oil section and in essential oils section) but couldn’t find it!. LMK!!

      • I found it at a store called Sprouts. It was in the vitamin section. It actually had a label that said Ear Soothe but if you look at the ingredients it is mostly Garlic Oil. I hope you can find some!

  5. Glad you are feeling better. I do love me a natural remedy! I have my fingers crossed Sunday arrives with no unwelcome visitor.

  6. Yay for feeling better! I had chronic ear infections, strep throat and sinus infections…until at 24, I got my tonsils out! It was the best decision ever and I’ve been really healthy since. If you ever have an inner ear infection that gets bad, don’t skip the doctor, though, they can get really serious. We knew one child who ended up in the hospital when it spread to his brain. I think that’s really rare though.

    I have my fingers crossed for you, and I love to cook with lots of garlic too 🙂

  7. That’s pretty cool! Glad you are feeling better.

  8. After reading this post, I had an earache. So, I put some garlic oil in my ear and stuffed a wad of cotton in there overnight. This morning? Much better! And now by afternoon my ear doesn’t hurt at all. Thank you so much for writing this. You may have saved my vacation!! 🙂

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