Is this real life?

Beta # 2 (17 DPO) HCG = 649 Progesterone = 40.1! A doubling time of 32 hours!

FREAKING OUT! I had convinced myself all day that the news was bad because they were taking so long to call me. Is this really happening? It is! My head is spinning.

My Dr. is so pleased with the results that he said there is no need to repeat the beta. He went ahead and scheduled me for my first scan (eep!) which will take place when I am 6+3 weeks. I’m already nervous about that so I really need to not think about it right now. Right now I just need to focus on my great betas and the fact that this pregnancy seems to be thriving.

Of course RobinΒ had to go and freak me out by saying my numbers are similar to hers and she is carrying twins. Heh, love you Robin! I highly doubt that though since I have one ovary and no family history. But seriously, that would throw me for a loop. Hoping for one healthy singleton in there.

Thank you all SOOO much for your comments on my last post. They mean the world to me because I think so highly of all of you. This community has been a life line for me and it means a lot to me to see the outpouring of love. Estimated due date is March 2nd. The day after my little brother’s 25th birthday!




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25 responses to “Is this real life?

  1. I had high betas (859, then 3247) and I just have a singleton. πŸ™‚ I’m so happy for you!

  2. Didn’t mean to freak you out!!! Eeek! I’m hoping you have a single in there, too! But if you have two, I will happily welcome you to the omg-I-have-an-entire-family-in-my-uterus club hehehehe.

    • Ha I’m kidding Robin, I’m not freaked out πŸ˜‰ In fact I am 99.99% positive its only one. But if it is twins you’ll be the first person I look at for advice!

  3. I’m so freaking excited to hear that your numbers are looking so great! I’m so happy for you.

  4. Hooray! I know exactly what a relief those numbers are! So exciting:) Here’s hoping for healthy singletons for both of us!

  5. M

    Yay for a great beta!

  6. Tami

    Oh, this is real life baby doll.
    Wonderful numbers, wonderful attitude, wonderful everything!! xo

  7. DandelionBreeze

    WOW… great results :)) Thinking of you and bub/s xoxo

  8. That is wonderful news. I am so happy!

  9. So happy for you. My betas were so high and tripled over a normal doubling time. Since we had transferred three frozen embryos they thought I was having triplets, but it was just one healthy singleton. My perinatologist says that high betas correlate with a high probability of a healthy take home baby!

  10. I am so happy that your second beta was perfect. Perfect! This is a really exciting time! Congrats! (Also – I’m not sure the numbers mean much on their own…Mrs. GG and I were about the same at first beta…I ended up with 1 and she had 4.)

  11. I am so incredibly happy for you! I’m going to continue praying that this pregnancy sticks strong and you have smooth sailing right through to your due date πŸ˜€ Congratulations again!!

  12. Hi Trisha I didn’t see your email anywhere but I also just got out of surgery today and I’m still a little out of it. I am your sock partner and wanted to make sure to contact you. My email address is and so you can contact me. Btw congrats on wonderful beta!

  13. Awesome!! So very happy for you and so happy to hear the positivity and optimism in everything you wrote. Congrats again!

  14. Mel

    Yay! Yay! Yay! Congratulations πŸ™‚

  15. Yay! Congrats again, times a million! I never had betas, but my friend had numbers similar to yours and also has a singleton. Her nurse said she had seen women with higher numbers with one, and women with lower numbers with two. If anything, feel SUPER reassured that those numbers mean you have a sticky bean! Can’t wait for your first scan!

  16. Just catching up. Yay for awesome beta numbers!

  17. D

    I have been so busy the past few weeks, somehow I missed this. Congrats!! So exciting!! Praying this one is sticky!! πŸ™‚

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