I should really stop peeing on things now…

One problem with having great betas is your doctor feels so good about them that they feel no need to repeat them. Cue Trisha acting like an insane person. In the past week and four days that I have known about this pregnancy I have peed on no less than 12 HPT’s. In the beginning it was to be sure before the betas, now it is becoming a way to strictly analyze my HCG. I stare at those stupid little sticks to see if they look darker each day, I hold them next to each other and worry that they are not dark enough for how far along I am. I will say though, it is extremely satisfying to see the test line appear without question before the dye even finishes spreading.

Its driving me crazy, yet I keep testing. I haven’t tested today…but I probably will. I JUST CAN”T STOP MYSELF! I need help.

I’ve already decided that if I am lucky enough to make it to 10 weeks I will be purchasing an at-home doppler. I won’t be able to handle the stress in between ultrasounds and doctors visits. But for now I will just have to be patient. And keep on peeing.

7 more sleeps until ultrasound.

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13 responses to “I should really stop peeing on things now…

  1. I remember a post from Jay at the 2 week wait about her husband’s pee stick interventions: sat her down and asked her to stop peeing on so many HPTs as he had almost brushed his teeth with one of them.

    Look, it’s hard not to. Especially considering what you’ve been through. So do what you need to do. Even if that includes rationing.

    Hugs and love

  2. I can’t tell you how much joy I get from seeing you so happy- even if you are totally addicted to peeing on sticks (hey, I have 3 left that you are more than welcome too considering they are still my kriptonite). Pee away m’dear!

    Mmmm, perhaps a doppler is is less risky than our u/s hijack. You know if you get one of those, you’ll find me on your doorstep every other day.

    I give you cupcake if you let me doppler. 🙂

  3. Just be aware the doppler can cause stress too! If you can’t find the heartbeat it can be very upsetting – but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything. I didn’t buy a doppler because I couldn’t handle that potential stress. However it can also be reassuring… so it’s up to you! And stop peeing on things!! haha

  4. K.Smitty

    To second what Robin is saying, I took an HPT at almost 7 weeks and only got a faint line and freaked out for an entire week until my 8 week u/s and was so sure I was going to get bad news. Sure enough, everything was ok, and I remembered that I drank a lot of water before I tested. I have never miscarried so I don’t know what kind of anxiety you may be feeling, but just try not to get freaked out if you can’t verify how everything is from home. But I do love Mo’s poster and am so happy that you are still getting so many good HPTs and that your u/s is so soon! Good luck!!!

  5. Yep, totally did the same thing. I had a piece of paper where I’d tape my morning Wondfo and then analyze if it was darker or lighter than the one from the day before . . . and if it was darker, was it sufficiently darker? But at some point, you have to stop because the Hook Effect will freak you out.

  6. Amy

    First, live hyperbole and a half. Second, consider renting a Doppler. I did and HATED IT. It was horrible and caused me so much more stress.

  7. Check out tinyheartbeats.org – they offer free Doppler rentals after miscarriage. I got one and it was wonderful. They don’t send it until 12 weeks, but contact them soon since there can be a small wait list. So glad that things are progressing so well!

    • Thank you for this link! I’m going to talk to my doctor about it at my ultrasound because you need a prescription but hopefully he will be willing to do it! 12 weeks might be better since it will be easier to find a heartbeat, its just the 6 weeks until then that I might go crazy. But this is an awesome service!

  8. I only ever had 1 beta – they didn’t even repeat to measure the doubling time – and it is *hard*! But…it also means they’re really confident that things will look great next week. Fingers crossed!

  9. I just took a picture of my HPTs from this pregnancy. 18. 18 HPTs. We are sick creatures. 🙂 I know people have mixed feelings on dopplers but mine was key to my sanity. Seriously, it was the only way I could sleep at night. I waited until my OB found the heartbeat in her office, then tried at home a few days later. Best investment ever.

  10. Oh, I remember this too well. Everyone thought I was crazy, but I needed the constant reassurance…and even then, a positive test didn’t always provide that. Hang in there! At some point, you will begin to breathe a sigh of relief and the desperate need to pee on things WILL lessen.

  11. I talk about it all the time about I could have bought a small island somewhere with all the money I’ve spent on HPTs. I don’t mess around with the cheap ones either…and I’m known to crack open the digitals! I’m in the 2 ww now, so everyone should but stock in them bc the value will go up in about 10 days!

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