6 Weeks Bumpdate

How far along: 6 Weeks today

What is up with Maybe Baby: MB has now graduated to the size of a sweet pea! MB will also triple in size this week. The basic facial features such as eyes and ears are starting to develop and the heart is starting to pump blood.

What is up with my body: Towards the beginning of the week I had quite a bit of nausea. So of course when it all went away on Wednesday I freaked out and started with Google. All I got  were answers saying that symptoms that wane and then come back are quite normal. I have had some spots of nausea since then here and there but for the most part I’m feeling pretty good. And trying to tell myself that that is normal.

Boobs are still killing me. They are sore and feel very heavy. Its gotten to the point that if I WALK too fast my boobs hurt. I think they are growing too. My bras seem a bit tighter.

Cravings: Still cookie dough every once in awhile. More than anything today I’ve wanted a Coke. Maybe because I was working at the beach today and my boss had one but I was really sad that I couldn’t have one too.

Aversions: I’ve actually been having a hard time finding food that actually sounds good lately. Everything still tastes fine, just doesn’t sound good.

Gender: Again, just hoping for a heartbeat at this point. I’ll worry about this part later.

Best moment of the week: Getting through the whole week without even a tiny bit of spotting. During my last pregnancy week 5 is when all hell broke loose for me so I’m happy to report that this week has been uneventful.

Looking forward to: Ultrasound on Tuesday! Absolutely petrified! Still hoping and praying for a HB.

Other: I officially stopped peeing on HPTs. They were just starting to wig me out because they were not getting any darker, but I know that is likely because of the hook effect. If my HCG has continued at least doubling it should be over 20,000 today so I know I need to let go of the peeing obsession.

I will admit we came up with a baby name this week that I have absolutely fallen in love with. I’m kinda hoping we actually get to use it. But it is pretty amazing that I am even thinking about these things right now. During my last pregnancy I would not think about those type of things because I was too scared. This time I’m entertaining all sorts of thoughts. I even *gulp* looked at some newborn hats and things like that for announcement photos. Don’t worry…I won’t be purchasing anything for quite a while.



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7 responses to “6 Weeks Bumpdate

  1. I love this post! Love that you’re feeling so positive about everything.

    Big hugs!


  2. I have the exact same issue with food right now!!! 🙂 It mostly tastes fine, but I’m not in the mood for anything! Hard to please, according to my husband:)
    Glad to hear you have given up your pee stick obsession. I know how crazy long the wait til that first ultrasound is (we just had ours yesterday at 6.5 weeks). But it’ll be worth it when you hear that beautiful heartbeat!

  3. Tami

    Tuesday cant come soon enough! Come on MB, we want to see that heartbeat!

    Make sure and check with your Re before going in. Ours allows you to bring in a DVD and they’ll record the u/s for you! Wheeeee!

  4. K.Smitty

    I just want to let you know that the same thing happened to me with the nausea…week 6 it got better and I got scared, but it came back! And I saw a very wonderful HB at 7w6d. Every day is different and I know how it can freak you out. I was convinced we would get bad news on our u/s but it all worked out. I have a very good feeling about your maybe baby and am so happy everything is going so well for you and that you’ve stopped peeing on sticks! I cannot wait to hear about your appointment on Tuesday!!!

  5. Totally normal for nausea to wax and wane. And the sore boobs are a GREAT sign! Praying for the heartbeat and just can’t wait to hear that baby name you love. So happy to hear the positivity in this post!

  6. D

    I am so happy that things are going well for you. Good luck with the ultrasound on Tuesday! Hoping everything is great!! 🙂

  7. I love how you are thinking of names and looking at baby stuff. Hoping and praying for awesome news on Tuesday!

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