MB has a heartbeat!

It was amazing. I didn’t expect to be so emotional but as soon as the doctor said the words “I see the heartbeat” I broke down in tears. We saw and heard MB’s amazing little heart working away. Today I am 6+3 weeks and MB was measuring at 6+1. BUT I also ovulated on CD 16 rather than CD 14 so that puts us bang on track. Heartbeat was 108 bpm. Doc mentioned it was a little slow but that it was normal because it is so early. Every chart I’ve found says the HB is right where is should be for the beginning of the 6th week.

I think the socks that Toni sent me came with a lot of good luck.

He also took a good look at my ovary to see if he could find the follicle the pregnancy came from. Normally the follicle will be enlarged and look much like a cyst because it is producing progesterone to support the pregnancy. He could not find my follicle. Which means (as I’ve ALWAYS suspected) my ovaries do not produce enough progesterone to support a pregnancy without a supplement. This both makes me nervous and vindicated. So now my progesterone supplement is my lifeline. So far it has been doing its job well but I will most likely have weekly blood checks to make sure that my progesterone remains as high as it has been so far. I will get the results of today’s blood draw tomorrow and that will determine if I increase my dosage or not.

I am incredibly grateful to have gotten this far…but I know we are far from out of the woods. So for now I’m just going to try to relax and relive the moment when I heard that beautiful little thump thump.

Next scan is next Tuesday to check growth and make sure the heart rate is rising. Thank you all so much for your support thus far, you guys are my life line, especially since to the rest of the world I am still stubbornly not pregnant.



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30 responses to “MB has a heartbeat!

  1. YAAAAY! Wonderful news πŸ˜€

    I used to have a check list in the bathroom to make sure I put in my progesterone suppository every night because one night (early on) I forgot and I was 100% convinced that meant the babies were dead. (Actually it was so early on I think I didn’t know I was having twins yet.) Anyway, even if though in general I was super vigilant, it was really helpful to me to be able to check that calendar every night and “prove” to myself I had taken it in case I got anxious about it later.

  2. Yay! Yay! Yay! I am rooting for you and MB!

  3. Jen

    Awesome Awesome Awesome news! I’m sure hearing the heartbeat makes it sink in a little bit more. It’s actually happening!

  4. B


  5. amy


    I imagine it’s scary, but also a little reassuring to know what the problem likely is/was.

  6. Yayyyyy! So happy to hear MB is right on track!

  7. Congrats on seeing a heartbeat, that’s awesome news!

  8. It must have been SO amazing to hear your baby’s heartbeat! I’m SO happy for you πŸ™‚

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  10. The best sound EVER, isn’t it?! Congrats! I was thinking of you and MB all day!!

  11. Hooray for a heartbeat!! That must have been music! And I’m so glad you had socks for the appointment. (Toni is awesome that way)

  12. EmHart

    Whoohoo for a heartbeat! Fantastic news.

  13. K.Smitty

    Oh Trisha, I am SO happy to hear this! Congrats again!

  14. KT

    That’s great news!!

  15. Yay heartbeat! and my hb was 106 at that time, so really, it’s completely normal πŸ™‚ and yay for progesterone supplements!

  16. Wife

    Great news!! Can’t wait to hear more!!

  17. Adorable socks to celebrate a triumphant day. You know I’m over the moon for you! We have heartbeat twins πŸ™‚

  18. Congrats, lady! That’s amazing news!

  19. Wonderful! And although it would be nice not to need the progesterone supplement, at least it is something pretty simple to do, to keep your little one in there!

  20. What wonderful news! So excited and happy for you!

  21. CONGRATS!!!!!!!! I almost cried when I saw the title in my email. I’m so happy for you and can’t imagine the amazing relief to experience such a wonderful milestone in this journey. I’m a teeny (lots, really!) jealous you heard your baby’s HB, but girl this really gives me hope!!! xoxoxo!

  22. Congratulations, this is such wonderful news. I feel so relieved that they have you on progesterone supplementation and will be monitoring you closely. Fingers crossed that everything continues to go smoothly for you!

  23. YAY for seeing little MB’s heartbeat. Can’t wait to read all about Tuesday. Please don’t stop reading and commenting, unless you want to. I responded to your comment in my new post.

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