Progesterone, yum yum yum!

I got the results of my progesterone draw that I had done on Tuesday. The levels came back at 23, down from 40 two weeks prior. So now I get the fun task of using vaginal suppositories to my daily progesterone routine. Hooray for me.

At this stage my doctor likes to see levels between 30-90. According to Dr. Google and Mr. Internet normal first trimester levels are between 9-47. So yeah I don’t know if I am supposed to be worried or not. On one hand I do know that my RE is used to IVF patients so he treats every pregnancy like a high risk pregnancy (no complaints about that here) on the other hand I feel like he tends to lean to the overly cautious side.

They plan to test my progesterone again next week when I go in for my next scan. But here is where I am confused…I was under the impression that Crinone does not get into the blood stream because it is absorbed directly into the uterus. So my blood levels won’t show if it is indeed improving things right? I am still taking Prometrium twice daily (200mg each) so that is still going to show but obviously it hasn’t been keeping my levels as high as it used too. Stupid Corpus luteum defect. Can’t anything ever be easy?

I hope people don’t see this as complaining, because trust me…I am SO grateful that there is something they can do to help me maintain this pregnancy. I’m just worried is all. Since seeing the MB’s heartbeat I’m more attached then I should be at this point. Frankly, I need this to work. I don’t know how I will survive if I don’t. My RE office gave me 18 days worth of free samples of the Crinone so I am very very lucky in that aspect. I’m also lucky that they are taking this seriously and that they are doing what they can to help me and MB.

So school me…what should I know about this Crinone stuff? I took my first dose last night. I’ve decided to do it at night to hopefully keep as much as the gel up where it needs to be as possible. What else should I expect? Anyone else ever experience low progesterone in the first trimester?



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8 responses to “Progesterone, yum yum yum!

  1. Oh Crinone, such a good drug that can be so so so gross. I used it during my IUI cycles and while it kept my progesterone where it should be, it gave me terrible yeast infections so I switched to Endometrium. A quick warning to ALWAYS wear liners with the crinone. Also, when large gross chunks come out of you do not freak out and think something is wrong, it is just the left over meds. Crinone is an adhesive gel meaning once up there it sticks inside for a while. It can get mighty, um, congested up there and sometimes large amounts of what looks a little like tissue masses will come out. Other times it just hangs around up there and makes you fiercely uncomfortable. This is about to be way TMI – but I would “clean house” every few days in the shower to keep it from getting too unbearable. So like I said – good drug, sorta narsty though! Hope this helps!

  2. Mrs. Sunnyside Up

    Panty liners will be your new bestie!
    I didn’t mind it much to be honest.
    I used ‘endometrium’, it was just weird to go from needles to insertions, lol.
    But I agree about the ‘cleaning house’ – it can get exciting!
    YAY for MB and the amazing heartbeat!! So excited for you!

  3. Don’t EVER worry about sounding like you’re complaining. Being pregnant is not easy and we know how uber grateful you are to be pregnant.

    And sorry, I’m no help with your question. 😉

  4. Crinone is so gross. I think I complained about it an embarressing amount.

    I second the panti-liner comment. Also – I think the directions say to put it in in the morning and move around right away to help spread the gel around. You’ll have discharge, but almost all of it will stay inside.

    Oh, and the discharge – it may seem okay for a while, but at least for me it tended to build up and come out in large chunks. So gross! Sorry, I know that’s TMI, but I do wish someone had prepared me. (I was walking through the city to go to a meeting for work, wondering if my uterus was falling out. 🙂 )

  5. Panty-liners–don’t think twice about it!

  6. Tami

    Looks like the other girls have to covered most of it. My RE actually said she had to go in a “declump” some girls. So yeah, satying on top of that every few days would be my recommendation. And as far as making it into your blood stream, not sure how it works, but it will show up in your bloodwork. Ive only ever taken suppositories and they adjust me based on my b/w. Just be glad you arent on the compounded stuff that I am 😉

  7. Karaleen

    Personally….I prefer the darn shots. I did chrinone with my first IVF and it caused a lot of spotting and was generally disgusting and I just didn’t trust it as much…however…all the data says it is just as effective as the PIO shots. But (no punn intended)….even though the shots hurt a bit….I preferred them over the suppositories and did those for my 2nd IVF (the successful one) and my FET (for my 2nd successful pregnancy)

  8. Unfortunately you are correct, Crinone won’t show up in the blood stream. That is really a problem for those of us that suffer from chronically low progesterone. My doctors office told me that it goes directly into your uterus where it is needed. I asked how they know it works if it doesn’t show up in blood and they told me that there are studies that show it does and you can also run a biopsy to show it. I am not sure why they wouldn’t put you on the oil and/or another form that will show up in blood stream. All the ladies are correct when they say it is messy and you will have clumps of waxy stuff build up inside you, if not fall out. Gross stuff 🙂 but it does feel alot better then progesterone oil shots for sure. Good luck!

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