My body fails at life.

Sorry I’m posting this a bit late, we’ve been on the road so I didn’t get a chance to update you all on our scan on Tuesday. MB is doing great and is getting so big! Heart rate was up to 170 bpm which Dr. said is fantastic. You could also see the arms, legs, umbilical cord, and the amniotic sac surrounding the baby. It is really amazing to me what a difference a week can make.

My body is however fighting the power with this whole progesterone thing. Had another blood draw and even with taking Crinone 2 times a day in addition to Prometirum twice a day, my progesterone level was only 20.67. Yes this is in the normal first trimester range, and there is also going to be a higher dosage near my uterus that does not register on a blood test but they still would like to see my blood work at least at 30. So now I get to do Crinone 3 times a day! Lucky me! But of course I only packed enough for twice a day so it is off to the pharmacy I go. I’ve been really lucky because my RE office has a ton of Crinone samples and they have basically supplied it all for me for free. So I shouldn’t be mad that I have to pay for a few doses. Well 12 really. But yeah.

I’m mostly just frustrated that my body is being so damn stubborn. I’m really grateful that I have a doctor that is watching this so closely and is doing whatever needs to be done to keep MB growing, it’s just aggravating that my body is not helping at all.

Stupid pregnant girl problems…I know.

Sorry about the whinny woe-is-me post. Just had to vent for a bit. In the mean time I am out-of-town but I’ll still try to post bumpdates and what not since really our only plans for this vacation is to sit around and be lazy.

I’ve gotta thank Kelly again for sending my some preggy pops. They seriously helped me on our car ride SO much. Thanks love!



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15 responses to “My body fails at life.

  1. Well reading a title like that might send your friends over the edge! I’m at least glad you started the first sentence with “MB is great”, but good lord girl, you almost gave me a heart attack!!!!!!

  2. K.Smitty

    You are so very welcome, my dear! I am just so glad I could give them to someone who needs them instead of them sitting in my pantry unused. And YAY for MB growing! That stinks about your dose increase. Will you have to do it the whole pregnancy or do you get to stop it after a while? Are you planning on sharing your u/s pics? I would love to see them! I’m so relieved everything is still going well. 😀

  3. Your title scared the crap out of me! With that said, I also struggled with progesterone levels. Moving to the IM shot was a drastic improvement from the multiple vaginal deposits. It also improved my numbers. My numbers went from the low 20’s, like yours, to mid 40’s. To me it sounded like the worst thing on earth, giving myself multiple shots a day, but it really was an improvement. I swear!

  4. Vent all you like, my dear:) I’m sorry about the stubborn body and increased dose of ickyness. But you really are lucky to have such a great doctor who is monitoring you so closely. I am semi jealous of how often you get to see your sweet MB! I have our second appt next week… A full month since our first one! No RE would see me since I got pregnant on my own, so it’s all OB, all the way. I don’t feel like they are treating this pregnancy like the absolute miracle it is! Ugh. Trying to make the best of it, but looking sooo fwd to that ultrasound next week! Sorry for venting in your comment box;)

    Have a great vacation!

  5. Hi from the ICLW. Sorry to hear about the problems with the progesterone. I have to take the shots with a DH that is scared of needles. Good Luck.

  6. Would PIO shots help? Sorry about the prog but so glad all is well!

    • I”m not sure. I’ll have to ask my doctor next time I see him, however by then I’ll be 10 weeks and I’m not sure if they will want to start me on shots at that late in my 1st trimester.

  7. Well, like the other bloggers said – you nearly gave me a heart attack! I’m so glad that everything looks okay and you’re proactively dealing with your almost normal progesterone. Just a few more weeks until the placenta starts producing more on it’s own. Hang in there!

    PS I can’t imagine 3 crinones a day. You are a champion.

  8. Yea your title scared the crap out of me! Glad MB is doing well though. The whole progesterone thing sucks. My body can’t seem to make up it’s mind. I usually need progesterone after my IUI, but this time and one other time it was normal. It scares me that I am pregnant and it will drop.

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