Need advice…I’m a mess.

Okay so I’m not sure why but I’m having a minor freak-out. All of the sudden I am really questioning the decision to get on birth control this month. I have taken 5 days worth so far. My fear is coming from the fact that I spent the whole first year of us trying to conceive not ovulating without medical intervention. Since my surgery in January I have ovulated every month. I’m scared that the birth control is going to interfere with that. I know my doctor said it wouldn’t, but I am seriously worried sick right now. He prescribed me Lo Loestrin Fe. I looked online and it is a birth control pill that contains both estrogen and progesterone so it does stop ovulation while you are on it.

What do I do? Do I trust the doctor and pray I ovulate next month? Will I be screwed up anyways because of the pills I’ve already taken? I just started bleeding from the D&C on Thursday so I’m wondering if I can still stop taking them and not have it screw me up too much. Help guys, I’m a wreck!



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14 responses to “Need advice…I’m a mess.

  1. Mo

    I say don’t freak out too much, and take them.
    Here’s my logic: Your body takes more than a month to hormonally reset after a pregnancy. Usually 6-8 weeks before you cycle normally. Sometimes you don’t even cycle normally. After my last pregnancy I stopped ovulating completely.
    So – your doc giving you a couple of pills isn’t going to make much difference in the long run. Either you go back to cycling normally or you don’t. So you’re better off just doing what the doc says.
    Does that make any sense?
    Sending you a huge hug!

    • The other option is just to not have sex at all right? Or have protected sex.
      From my understanding, the doc only wants you on it to ensure that you don’t get pregnant now and have time to recover from the trauma you have just experienced. Right?
      Maybe stay off of it, but use spermicides and condoms or some other combo.

  2. Amy

    Trust yourself and your doctor. You’re a smart girl and you thought this through. Don’t second guess yourself right now. It’s the best way o stay sane. Thinking of you tonight.

  3. Oh, Trisha, I wish I had some great advice here. I think listening to your doctor is probably the best step because he deals with things like this every day, BUT if it were me…I would probably want to avoid the BC too. If it’s causing you too much stress, anxiety, or agony, is there something else you can do instead? Not to get tooooo personal…but are condoms an option? Or maybe natural family planning….though we all know THAT’s not full-proof (and nor are condoms, really). Or maybe at least you can talk to your doctor to see what he thinks or if he can give you further reassurance that BC is the way to go. Hoping and praying for the wisdom to make the right decision, and for the peace you need to get through this. ~ hugs ~

  4. Trust yourself.

    My last two pregnancies were one month apart. Your body can reset after just a month and you can cycle normally.
    If he’s worried you may get pregnant too soon after your loss and that’s the only reason he prescribed the pills (from what you said in your last post) the easiest way to protect yourself is perhaps not the pill but just plain ole’ not having sex – or protected sex with a condom etc. Especially if it’s just for a month 🙂

    It’s entirely your choice. Go with your gut.

    Thinking of you.

  5. I agree with all of them!! I’d say it myself, but it would just get redundant 🙂

  6. I’m not a fan of BC. If you can have protected sex then I say can them. BC really screwed me up for a few years. To each their own but if it were me I would suck it up and use a condom.

  7. 35life

    It’s so hard to know what the right thing is. I think that most of the time, the doctor’s are making their best guess. But I try to tell myself that their guess should be better than mine. I will say this, the Loestrin Fe was the best pill I was on. It helped me with my weird cycles and breakthrough bleeding. Hope that makes you feel better if you decide to stick with it.

  8. I’m with Mo.
    There’s an additional thing to consider too: You’re doing the RPL work up. What if they find something? What if that something is easy to treat and brings you your take home baby? I completely understand where you are coming from, but I also know I would be racked with guilt it I miscarried again only to learn that it was preventable.
    I know this is hard. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t wonder what could have been or fearing that I’ll never have my children. But you have to trust your doctor.

  9. Cassandra

    You will probably be fine taking the birth control. However, since you’re so worried, why not just not take it, and when you’re ovulating, don’t have sex or pull-out (I know that doesn’t ALWAYS work, but if your husband doesn’t cum inside of you you should be fine). Or maybe just use a condom.

    I don’t blame you for being worried. Even though rationally you’ll probably be just fine, I would have the same worries as you and do as I described above to prevent pregnancy.

  10. I think that if you’re having so many doubts, you should call your doctor and rediscuss it. It’s normal that you’re worried about BC screwing up your cycles, and he’s the best person to help you make up your mind. If you still have doubts and are uncomfortable with the idea after you speak to him, them ditch them and use condoms. If you feel better about your decision, keep taking them. I hope you feel better soon!

  11. i’d stick with it! my RE told me that sometimes getting back on the pill tricks your body into being normal even if you have PCOS or other issues and many people ovulate like no problem the next month! i had a 52 day cycle, took the pill for a month, and had 30 days after! it can help! good luck 🙂

  12. I agree with pp! I would suggest calling your doctor to explain your fears & worries and see if he suggests any changes. I would rather let my body reset by itself instead of messing around with drugs, but that’s just me…. Take a deep breath, make the call, and trust in your care plan. 🙂

  13. Don’t all BCPs prevent a woman from ovulating?? I thought that was the point of taking them?? Either way, I would definitely discuss your options more with your doctor and come to a decision together. Good luck!

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