Square One

Today I went into my RE’s office to go over all the RPL tests that we had run a few weeks ago. I was quite surprised to hear that the results from the D&C have not come back yet. It will be 5 week tomorrow! He was going to have his nurse call the hospital to see what was taking so long but I’m guessing at the earliest we won’t get them till next week.

All other test came back negative. No auto-immune issues, no clotting disorders, no MTHFR, no anything. So we have nothing to go on, no matter what the results from the D&C come back as. If it comes back as a chromosomal abnormality then we chalk it up to bad luck struck twice and try again. If it comes back as a normal embryo; well I’ll be heartbroken (is it bad that I’d rather have it come back as something wrong with the baby rather than something that my body did to kill a healthy fetus?) and we try again.

Good news is my doctor is extremely positive about our chances. He is the kinda guy that does not give false hope. He gives you all the facts and does not play up odds. If anything he is a glass-half-empty guy. But he said he is sure that we will have a take home baby. He can’t guarantee that it will be the next pregnancy, but he believes the chances are highly in our favor. As there is nothing technically wrong, he feels like these past two have been a fluke. We are doing some things to maximize our chances but there should realistically be no reason we can’t have a healthy baby.

He decided to up my dosage of Metformin to hopefully move up my usually late ovulation, adding progesterone to every cycle following ovulation rather than just when I get pregnant, and considering adding Lovenox after ovulation as well. I’m a little up in the air about the last one. There is no indication of a clotting disorder so I’m a little worried about the risks of a blood thinner. I will be taking baby aspirin during my cycles just as I have in the past. Maybe some of you who have experiences with Lovenox can weigh in your opinions.

Overall I feel pretty good. He has a way of boosting my spirits. He said that anytime I feel down or defeated that I should come see him. He even said to tell the receptionist that it was social visit so that they would not charge me a co-pay. That is how confident this guy is…he is willing to do anything he can to keep my spirits up so that we can bring home a baby. We went over the test results in 10 min. yet I spent an hour in his office. I think he knows that I am having a hard time but he doesn’t want me to give up. J and I have talked in-depth about what our next steps are and we came up with a plan that I feel really good about. But I’ll save that for another post.

Now we wait for the next cycle to begin. I started temping as soon as I got home to check to see if I had ovulated last week like I thought. Lucky for me my temps are black and white. Pre Ovulation is 96.9 – 97.5 . Post Ovulation is 97.7-98.4. Everyday has been in the post-O range. So I figure my period is due around Wednesday of next week. I will also be adding Vitex to my already hefty pill regime. During my last cycle it helped bring my ovulation day to CD 16 from CD 19 the previous month.

I’m taking big, deep breaths. We actually going to be doing this again.



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16 responses to “Square One

  1. Your doctor sounds amazing! So glad that you are working with someone who 1) does not give you false hope and 2) is willing to let you talk so often. That’s fantastic! All those meds sound like a lot, but if it gets you a healthy baby, then it’s totally worth it. I’m rooting for you!

  2. M

    I’m glad you’re feeling better. I totally understand wanting something to be “wrong” for answers. Good luck this cycle. ((hugs))

  3. veetamia

    It’s amazing that you have such a supportive and understanding RE, I’m glad you have that. Wishing you the best luck for the beginning of your next try. I’m praying for your take home baby too. Hugs

  4. Awaiting Miracles

    Sounds like you have an amazing RE! I never had any experience with Lovenox, but I did have 3 miscarriages with no explanation for them (2 natural cycles and 1 IVF cycle). After I found a wonderful RE my 3rd IVF cycle was a success. With that cycle my RE decided to keep me on the baby aspirin until I was 12 weeks along with progesterone in oil injections and a progesterone pill (I was always on suppositories before). He told me he wanted to play things safe.

  5. Wow your doctor sounds awesome – thats great that he is so truly optimistic and willing to sit down and talk with you whenever you are feeling confused. Can’t wait to her about a baby soon!

  6. Your doctor sounds so supportive, which must be very helpful. I appreciate doctors that know how to give us information and assess our chances without being naively positive. I want hope, but I don’t want false hope!

    Also, I can totally understand how you would wish for a chromosomal abnormality. I would too in your place. It would mean that you had the misfortune of being struck by lightning twice, but that you know what caused the miscarriage and don’t have to be stuck in a place where you know something is going wrong, but can’t identify what it is. I’ll be thinking of you during your next cycle.

  7. Your doctor sounds wonderful — I hope I can find someone so awesome if it comes to that! And I guess it’s great that all your bloodwork came back as normal, but I know it’s sort of a catch-22 because there’s nothing you can be proactive about to prevent. However, that probably means your “bad luck” streak will break any day now… And by the way — I’m no expert, but I too think you’ll get your take-home baby. It’s only a matter of time! Good luck with the trying again. I know it’s scary. ~ big hugs ~

  8. Umm I love your doctor. I have both MTHFR a&c. So needless to say I am on Lovenox. I can see him putting you on the baby aspirin (I take that too), and the blood thinner. Even though you don’t have MTHFR, it may just get things flowing better. As far as Lovenox goes you do bruise easily while on it (but I already did), and it burns a little when injecting. So your stomach may look like you wrestle in your spare time. But, I can say I have gotten pregnant while on it, unfortunately we lost them due to chromosomal issues. You seem like you are in such good hands, I know he will make the right decision when the time is right.

  9. D

    Your doctor is so awesome! Your prognosis also sounds so similar to mine. My doctor still thinks my losses were caused by “bad luck” since all my tests came back normal, too. I hope yours were bad luck and that the next one sticks. It sounds like you have a good plan going. I am cheering for you and hoping for the best!!

  10. I can’t believe you still don’t have your D&C results back yet! I hope your doctor really pushes to get them for you ASAP. I’m so happy your other results came back normal and even happier that your RE is so confident that you WILL have a take home baby. He sounds like a really great Dr.

  11. I think I’m with you on how getting bad news would be better than good. At least then you know and it feels like an answer. I’m glad to hear every other test result came back okay and that your doctor is still so optimistic. He sounds awesome. Thinking of you!

  12. I am seeing a reproductive immunologist and he believes Lovonox can help with implantation. The RI put my friend on the lowest dosage (40mg) and when I asked my hematologist about it (for her) he informed me that 160mg is a “significantl” dosage so she will be fine on the 40mg. She is finally pregnant, so perhaps the Lovenox helped? If you want to discuss it more, my e-mail is on my blog.

  13. I’m a little bit in love with your doctor! He sounds amazing. And like just the kind of support you need right now. I totally understand your need to have some kind of answer from the D&C, something that gives a good reason for what happened, something that comes down to just bad luck. I hope you get that answer soon.

  14. They have found nothing wrong with me either. I will be on lovenox now too as a precaution. I was nervous too bc I don’t have any known clotting issues but will be on a low dose (baby aspirin too). I hope my period comes in the next week or two and we can cycle together!

  15. Sometimes

    Do you remember the names of the testing that was done to see if you had clotting problems or anything else? I just had a D&C on Thursday and don’t know what testing (other than chromosomal) to ask for. Would you mind emailing me?

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