D&C Results

46 X,Y. A normal male embryo. My body somehow killed a healthy baby boy and we have no idea why. I’m heartbroken.



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35 responses to “D&C Results

  1. aw shit Trisha, I’m so sorry. WTF?

  2. I’m so sorry. And heartbroken with you.

  3. My heart just sank. There are no words…..

  4. M

    I’m so sorry hon.

  5. I am so sorry! I understand how you are feeling and feel helpless that there is not more I can say to help!

  6. theyellowblanket

    I’m so so so sorry.

  7. I hate this for you T. I just hope now your mending, though raw now, can become more complete going forward. There are some answers now, even if some of them are opaque. With my whole heart, I love you. xo

  8. Ah, man. I’m so sorry, friend. This totally sucks and my heart hurts for you. But I’m here (we all are!) if you need anything. Sending you my love!

  9. I’m so sorry. I am absolutely shocked it came back normal. Sending lots of hugs your way. XO

  10. found you via a few blogs we have in common. I am so sorry for your loss and for the latest results. Sometimes I wonder which is harder, not having answers, or having answers . Either way the loss is huge and I’m so sorry you have to be here in this gawd damn awful place.

  11. Fertility Doll

    😦 Sometimes I really do look up at the universe and scream whhhyyyy???

  12. I’m so sorry, Trisha. I know there are no words that can take away your pain. Know you are in my heart right now. xoxo

  13. I am so sorry for you loss. I am thinking of you x

  14. i am very sorry for your news. i don’t know which is worse – knowing why or not knowing. don’t blame yourself – it is not your fault. something was wrong with your uterus, or something was wrong with the embryo. trust in your doctors to find out what happened so they can modify your treatment plan so that it doesn’t happen again. and trust your body to do what it is supposed to do – you will become pregnant again, and you will love your baby more knowing how hard you worked to bring him/her into the world.

  15. K.Smitty

    F***!!! Im so sorry my dear. I hope the docs can figure out something to do for you. But as hard as it is, you cant blame yourself. You know you’ll never get anywhere by doing that. And you know it was nothing you ate or drank or physically did. Thats
    practically impossible. I also hope you know you dont deserve this at all. Im praying for you, girl! For answers, for peace, and for a freaking happy ending. Xo

  16. Wife

    I’m so sorry, you are in my thoughts

  17. I am so very sorry, Trisha. You are in my thoughts.

  18. D

    I am so incredibly sorry. Keeping you in my thoughts. Hugs.

  19. So very sorry to hear that news, Trisha.

  20. I’m sorry hun. Know that you are in my thoughts. xoxo

  21. I’m so sorry. Thinking of you.

  22. So sorry. My heart aches for you.

  23. I am so so so sorry. My body did the same exact thing. I was told by my doctor it could be “an issue with the embryo on the mitochondrial level.” I am not sure of your age or your husbands morphology, but that does play a part, chromosmoally normal embryo, or not.

  24. Well, maybe it was meant to be. …….. That didn’t help? Yeah, it didn’t work for me either when someone said it to me yesterday. Thought I’d try it, though. I didn’t even feel good saying it. Life sucks! I hope you are able to heal and move forward with some newfound hope, wherever you may find it. I’m trying to do the same thing.

  25. I’m sorry Trisha. You are due for so pre-made lemonade instead of these lemons that life has been throwing at ya 🙂 Thinking of you…

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