How Shonda Rhimes disappointed me so.

Dear Shonda,

What can I say? You drew me with Grey’s Anatomy. The bomb in the body cavity, the hospital shoot out, the plane crash…I reveled in them all.

Yes, I was a little disappointed on how you handled Meredith’s infertility. Truthfully you brushed by it and had Meredith act in a way that no infertile woman would ever act (switching to OB-GYN after finding out you can’t have a baby? Yeah, that would never happen). But I forgave you. Mostly because baby Zola is so damn adorable that I want to reach through the screen and steal her. Seriously. I want to eat her up.

So earlier this year I decided to give your other show Private Practice a try. I liked it. Not quite as much as Grey’s, but I digress. I liked (for the most part) how you handled Addison’s infertility story line. It showed that it is not always easy and that treatments sometimes fail. I think you could have pushed it farther to make it more realistic and informative but it is what it is. I also think she was able to adopt too easily. In reality it is not an easy path, but again I’m getting off topic. I got a little upset when Amelia found out she was pregnant…at 5 months. Seriously? I mean I know she was a former druggie and all but come on. 5 months pregnant, still wearing skin-tight clothes, and no idea. I have a hard time handling that. But again I forgave you, because I found the rest of that story line interesting.

But today you lost me. I watched the first episode of the new season and wanted to throw my computer out the window. Because Charlotte is pregnant. But it’s not like she just got pregnant, she got pregnant while on an IUD which is about a .8% chance. But oh no…you couldn’t stop there could you Shonda? You had to go and completely unhinge me by revealing that she is pregnant with…dun dun dun…TRIPLETS! *Cue me stomping my feet like a 4-year-old*

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? There is a 1 in 8,100 chance of that occurring. So you have the .8% of the failing IUD and the 1 in 8,100 chance of natural triplets. Seems pretty damn unlikely to me!

Therefore, I am afraid you and I may have to part ways. Unfortunately I can no longer turn a blind eye to these highly unlikely and false situations that you are promoting regarding infertility and pregnancy. In the future when you want to run story line based on the above topics I plead with you to inform yourself.


Trisha aka Pissed-Off and Not Pregnant



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11 responses to “How Shonda Rhimes disappointed me so.

  1. OMG, I can feel your frustration and anger through your post. I gave up on Grey’s Anatomy after George left the show. And based on what I read in your post tonight, I’m glad I did. It made me angry just hearing about it these absurd stories. I know it’s just TV, but it teaches people to think IF and adoption are easy in real life…at least until they experience it for themselves and are faced with a rude awakening.

  2. R

    So…you are saying we need to get IUDs? Lol

  3. You also forgot to mention Callie giving birth to a 23 weeker WITH NO ISSUES WHATSOEVER.

  4. This is why I stopped watching Glee. The minute Sue started shooting herself up I had to stop. Ugh, TV.

  5. I am barren and have never been able to go through treatments, so really don’t know the ins and outs of IVF, etc. However, I get so frustrated with how the media portrays infertility. Thanks for posting!

  6. I am so glad I stopped watching Private Practice a few years ago. What amazes me is that Shonda has 2 adopted daughters, so she must know how hard it is. Maybe if you have that much money, they just hand you a kid?

  7. Oh man I stopped being able to watch the years ago…I cannot get over that triplet story line….absurd!

  8. That is ridiculous. Really. Do they not have sane people read through the story lines?

  9. I’m really glad I’ve given up on PP – still plugging along with Greys – the only thing that kept me going after the plane crash was Christina essentially speaking to the audience and our frustration – Seattle Grace Mercy Death anyone 🙂

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