Period woes

I know you all were SO hoping that I’d post about my period. I mean who doesn’t want to hear about it? Well today my friends, you are in luck. Because I feel like my body is beyond screwed up right now and I need advice. Be warned…I spare no details.

My biggest concern is the amount of spotting that I am having before my period actually starts. I spotted dark brown for almost a week before red blood appeared. It’s not just when I wipe either…its quite a bit. Dark brown sludge. Did I just activate your gag reflex? Sorry.

I’m not sure if this is due to the pool of blood that my OB found in my uterus after my chemical or not. I was given Methergine to clear it out, but I never cramped or spotted with that. So I’m not sure if it just hung around and then cleared out when my period was due to start or if this is something else entirely.

I’m concerned because I have always heard that healthy periods do not have dark brown spotting. They are supposed to start out light, get heavier, and then taper off. All with red. And right now I NEED my body to be healthy. I have too much else against me.

So my question is has anyone every experienced something like this after a chemical? Is there anything I can do to help encourage my cycle to have less spotting?

In other new my big box of needles arrived today. The fun should begin in about 10 days. Oh joy.



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14 responses to “Period woes

  1. According to my doctor, healthy periods go one of two ways: start out light and are heavy towards the end OR start out heavy and end up light. My periods are the latter. I can’t give you any advice after a chemical though. My guess is that the dark brown sludge is just left over from your chemical.

  2. A

    I get the brown sludge quite often before my period. I have even named it my browniod. Heh. I know that’s not helpful since I’m a bit broken…

    I don’t think it hurts to talk to your doctor if you are worried 🙂

  3. I was told this just happens. I had this when my period stopped after getting off BCPs last year and again with this period (cyst). So I think it just happens when there’s a change in hormones. This time I spotted the dark brown sludge for four days after my period ended. So sick.

  4. You totally did not gross me out. I’ve actually had the same problem for the last several years with my period. But I’ve never had a chemical pregnancy; my brown spotting is from severe endometriosis. I hope you find some relief soon. Maybe talk to your doc again?

  5. It’s true that you should ideally have bright red blood, at least to start. At least that’s what I’ve heard is considered normal. Acupuncture can help a lot with this though it can take a few cycles to get really regulated. I also start red raspberry tea as soon as I know AF is coming on and drink it throughout her stay. Seems to help clear things out better.

  6. Can you call your doc and ask? He may be able to calm some worries.HUGS.

  7. Happened to me for a couple months after each miscarriage/chemical. Hope thst helps…

  8. Tami

    You know me, I tend to bleed/spot more than I don’t. And many times, up to 5 days before AF comes, I’ve gotten that same brown sludge you’ve talked about. Since treatments though, it’s gotten less. I would ask your RE, it sounds like there is a good chance it is finally that old pool of blood that is coming out. Since this is new for you, I’m guessing it’s a result of all your body has been through. Hopefully it is your body trying to re-balance itself.

    p.s. I just found an EXCELLENT home for the trigger shot. I’ll tell you more later, but it is not going to waste!

  9. Never had a chemical, but I have noticed that when I have a really lame, weak ovulation, I will start spotting about 7 days into my luteal phase and it is usually brown sludge like you described. What a way to make a lady feel attractive, huh? From personal experience, I don’t think you need to worry. Good luck with this next cycle!

  10. Peaches

    I think your blog got hacked. I can’t comment on that particular entry

  11. I’ve had this same question, too. I’ve heard that spotting should occur days beforehand but that’s exactly what I got during my last period several weeks back. It was during an IUI cycle so maybe the progesterone and drugs came into play. Were you taking progesterone? That might just be the culprit?

  12. happened to me as well for the 2 two cycles after my last mc. I panicked of course and was told by the third cycle it should be back on schedule and it was. Hoping the same for you!

  13. Interesting… I get this Every Cycle and so far no one has been worried. Wtf! During IVF it didn’t matter because of all the lovely drugs, but now… Hmm..for me, I think it’s LPD and low progesterone. This could have contributed to your situation,

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