Make room for the Drama Queen

I ovulated. CD 23, a day after I got the positive OPK. It took me a few days to be sure but I am now 3DPO a my temp is still high. Last night I did my first Lovenox shot and it went well. I had J with me for moral support. He was busy looking at all the directions and I just kept telling him “I have to do it now!” So I stuck it and was surprised about how I didn’t even feel it. It hurt a bit afterwards as the medicine spread but not something that was too bad. So I am feeling pretty confident about doing them now.

Before I realized I had ovulated I broke down and scheduled an ultrasound with my OB. Despite being sure that my egg had indeed released I decided to keep the appointment. I have had a little pain in my lower abdomen and given my history I wanted to be sure that nothing else was wrong.

At the ultrasound this morning she confirmed that I did indeed ovulate but there is also quite a bit of free fluid in my abdomen which explains the pain. The only thing that isn’t clear is where it has come from. There are no indications that it is going to be a problem so for now we are just going to do a follow-up next week and keep an eye on the pain level. As long as it doesn’t increase there should not be a problem. Today I haven’t been hurting at all so I’m not too concerned.

So that ladies, is the end to my epic performance. I’d like to thank you all for your attendance. I hope you have enjoyed this particular freak-out, sponsored by PCOS. Thank you and goodnight!



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9 responses to “Make room for the Drama Queen

  1. PCOS if freak-out worthy. I’m glad that that egg finally dropped! And, congrats on the shot. Well done.

  2. I can totally relate to the PCOS-related freakouts!

  3. This was exactly me one week ago! I totally get it!

  4. Well, hooray for ovulation! So glad it finally happened. And you have every right to freak out — it’s par for the course after all you’ve been through.

  5. Hey you ovulated!! woo hoo!!

  6. Dude. I’m soooo there with you on the PCOS freak outs. We have been conditioned to not trust our bodies, and it’s so hard to believe that we actually WILL ovulate. I’m at 5dpo today, and had a major freak out today that I hadn’t ovulated at all because I don’t have any “progesterone symptoms”. SO I raced to my RE this morning at 7:30AM to have progesterone drawn, nearly in tears. Tests confirm I did ovulate. But it’s so hard to believe it.

  7. YAY for ovulation!! Good luck with the Lovenox. I take it everyday too. Try doing it in your thigh sometimes too, as the stomach can bruise easier. A little something my hematologist told me:)

    • OUCH! That sounds painful! Do you do it in the back of the thigh? Am I crazy for thinking that the thigh would hurt more?

      My belly is already bruising like crazy though so I’m open to suggestions. It just sounds ouchie.

  8. Hey I nominated your for a Liebster Award. Check out my post about it if you would like to participate

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