I’m sane again

First of all I hope everyone had a good holiday! I know how difficult this time of year can be for many of us but I hope everyone was able to find a little joy.

Secondly I fully admit I was on a lot of pain killers when I wrote my last post so I am not sure if I made a lot of sense about what happened and the outcome.

Last Friday I went to the ER in severe pain. They did an ultrasound which revealed that I was bleeding internally. From this they figured that the ectopic pregnancy had ruptured my tube. They decided to go in to remove the pregnancy and most likely my tube. They did all this with the approval of my RE. I called him on the way to the ER and after a lot of swearing (because he couldn’t meet us at the hospital due to us being out of the state) he made sure that the doctors in the ER would keep him in the loop about everything.

When they finally got me into surgery they found that my tube was not ruptured like they originally thought, in fact it was fine. What happened was that the Methotrexate did actually work. But when some of the tissue was expelled from my tube a little piece got caught on the end of the tube. I am not sure how or why this happened but the result was a blood clot that formed which was causing me the pain and the internal bleeding. They clipped the blood clot (well as much of it as they could. They had to leave a small piece in order to not touch my tube but they are confident it will go away on its own and not be an issue) and cleared up the blood in my abdomen. They did not have to do any work on my tube and it should be fully functional.

However my surgeon said that my tube is abnormal shaped. From the pictures and what she told us my tube has a loop in it. Almost like a roller coaster loop. Every woman has a 2% chance of an Ectopic Pregnancy. After your first one it jumps up to 10%. The more you have the higher your chances go. She feels that based on my tube shape though, that we have an extremely high chance of another Ectopic and that we should not try naturally to get pregnant again, but do IVF.

This is where I get confused though. I have had another laparoscopic surgery where they did look at my left ovary and tube even though they were working on the right side. I have had a HSG that showed my tubes were normal. I have had 3 other pregnancies that all made it out of the tube of death and into my uterus. So why are we just barely hearing about this apparent looped tube? It makes no sense to me that this would just be revealed after everything we have done. All my images and results are being sent to my RE so I will make an appointment to meet with him and ask all these questions when we get home. I just don’t get it.

Other than that I am healing well. Slow and sore but that just takes time. I’ve developed a few unpleasant side effects from the surgery that I haven’t experienced before including (TMI) a bladder infection and hemorrhoids. FUN! But over all I am doing good. My mind is okay and I know where we are headed. I will post more about that later though. For now I just wanted to clear up a few questions and thank everyone for the kind thoughts, especially all those who send messages checking up on me.

The one good thing is that this happened at my parents house and not at my in-laws. That would have been a whole lot worse. So you know, count the little blessings. Again I hope everyone was able to find a little joy this holiday season. I love you all and am so grateful that I have this community in my life. Happy Holidays!


P.S. Happy 200th post to me!



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7 responses to “I’m sane again

  1. I’m so glad you’re feeling better and that your tube is fine!! Keep us updated with your loopy (;)) tube though! I think of you often and your strength inspires me!

  2. Glad you’re feeling better. Man what a year.

  3. Glad you are feeling better and that your tube is intact. I would wait to hear from your RE to explain more. Sometimes ER docs can be a little extreme. Maybe it is loopy but that doesn’t mean you have to do IVF, given your past and all. Keep us updated….and take extra special care of yourself!!!

  4. 35life

    So glad to hear you’re doing better. Here’s to a better new year!

  5. I’m glad you’re doing okay. Hope you have a much happier 2013!

  6. Shelley

    That sounds like a really scary episode but I’m so glad you’re feeling better and that they didn’t have to remove the tube. (I wonder if a tube can GET looped over time? Maybe that’s crazy too.) Definitely a conversation to have with your RE next year. In the meantime, enjoy the rest of the holidays and take care. 🙂

  7. Nonsequiturchica

    A roller coaster tube huh? Kind of like the year that you have had. Here’s hoping that 2013 brings only highs- and news that your tube is back to normal.

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